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10 dpiui - BFN

I have been trying from 2016 Sep but for unexplained infertility i never could conceive. I had 2 IUIs later. And on 2nd IUI in December 2017 i got BFP but i had a miscarriage on 7th week. Gave some gap of 6 weeks and started IUI again in Feb 2018 but that month i got BFN. This is my second IUI after miscarriage and I had my trigger shot on 1st Mar 2018. I had my IUI on 3rd Mar 2018 and I have been waitng for BFP. I couldn't resist testing so tested since 6 DPIUI i got BFP, but that was due to Trigger shot because slowly the line was vanished on 8 dpiui. Again i tested today morning which i s 10 DPO, I got BFN. This is really tiring and I am exhausted. When we got married i didn't want a baby and i used to be scared to death if any kind of precaution wasn't taken. Now I am dying to have my baby but nothing seems to be working. Life has become really hard with all these stress. Anyone got BFP after 10 DPIUI

Am I Pregnant?


At 9 DPO, your chances of getting a positive pregnancy test are pretty slim. Pregnancy hormones have to be present in your body at a high enough level for the test to read. And this could take a few more days. If you are tired of waiting to find out. You can always try to take a pregnancy test. Some of the earliest tests can spot a pregnancy before your period would normally occur. So there is always a chance that you could end up getting a positive reading within the next few days. Other women notice that their breasts feel more tender. Experience hot flashes and suddenly have to go to the bathroom frequently. Cramping or spotting do not necessarily mean that your period is about to arrive. Both symptoms can occur during implantation and during the following stages. So they could also be a sign that you are pregnant. If you have severe spotting or cramping during pregnancy. You should always talk to your doctor to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your body.

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