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10 DPO, First time TTC, Experiencing Symptoms I think? Help!

First of all, kudos to all you ladies who have been TTC for months and months... this is my very first time and the TWW is already driving me bonkers!

I am 10 DPO I think... I used a Clearblue OPK test and got my smiley face on Sunday the 16th, so that would make the 17th O day, right? Did our due diligence and BD in the days before and after.

I have definitely been feeling off over the course of the past week and wish I logged all my symptoms by the day. Pangs and funny flutters in my lower abdomen, cramps that feel like AF cramps but not as harsh, twinges in my chest, diarrhea (sorry, TMI!), I am urinating a lot (but I drink so much water that I can't tell if this is a symptom or me LOOKING for a symptom), and the past few mornings I have naturally woken up and stayed awake 1-2 hours earlier than my normal body clock wakes me (and trust me, I am not a morning person).

I only started tracking my BBT yesterday which I am kicking myself for. 98.3 9 DPO, 98.6 10 DPO. Not sure if this is a good sign or if I am just naturally higher temp.

I've been going loco googling 10 DPO, 9 DPO, etc. to see any sign of others who have gotten a BFP this early but I know I should just wait until I am further along to test so I don't get disappointed! AF is due the 31st but the thought of waiting that long is agonizing! Anyone else same boat? Looking for a TWW buddy! This is brutal!

Am I Pregnant?


Also suffering the tww and think i might be pregnant. Im ttc after mc. So im of course anxious. Cant wait to test. Trying not to be crazy.

I've had that waking up early thing too! Usually having to pee which is also happening a lot! Have you tested yet? GL! AF is due for me on Thursday the 3rd

Now I am 14 DPO, AF is due today... I caved and got a cheapo test and got a BFN. Not really having any signs of AF just yet, which is unusual because ever since I got off BC my cramps have been much more noticeable. Slight, slight essence of cramps but hoping I'm just imagining things! Hope she stays away but not feeling as hopeful as I was 4 days ago! :( Fingers crossed!

I. Am. Going. Crazy! Good luck to you two!

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