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10 DPO - not many symptoms, VERY faint BFP or line eyes?!

I am 10DPO on our 6th cycle TTC #2 (DS took 8 cycles before getting a BFP with zero symptoms). I cannot help but POAS as much as possible, so when I tried today in the afternoon, even knowing that FMU is better, couldn't figure out how to attach a picture, although you can't really see it at all in the picture anyways. I think that I can see a SUPER SUPER faint line, but I might be seeing things? Is it possible to be seeing things? I feel like I can't look at it anymore because I'm driving myself crazy. I've tried to see positive lines before in a stark negative test, and it just totally isn't there at all, but I feel like I can see the faintest of lines. We BD 2 days before O, the day of O, and the day after O (different times of day each time, if that matters lol). I haven't really had any symptoms other than the following: - noticing blue veins in bbs and hands/legs more visible (I tend to think this every month, so who really knows) -7 to 10 DPO, not overly abundant, but having watery CM, which isn't normal for this close to AF for me. -8 DPO, BBT temp spiked higher than it's ever been for me, I normally stay around the range of 98.4 or 98.5 as my high, and I recorded a temp of 98.73 -10 DPO had very vivid nightmare/dream (someone was basically blackmailing me, I have no idea why, but it was so real!) I would LOVE to fall pregnant sooner than later, because every cycle that we don't, my son gets a bit older, and I don't want TOO much of an age gap (if I get pregnant now it'll be about 3.5 years difference). What do you think??

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I started to experience some brown spotting this morning, AF is due tomorrow. But i'm STILL (probably unnecessarily) hopeful, because AF doesn't normally start with brown spotting for me, it ends that way. It generally just begins pretty heavy with deep red blood. fingers crossed that this could be a late implantation bleed, although I can see how it sounds like a stretch. Until I see that red flow, I'm not counting myself out.

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