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10dpo with new symptoms

Starting 2dpo, I have been feeling some heaviness and dull cramping on my lower abdomen. I feel it more in the act of sitting down, but goes away when seated. I took Femara from Day 2-7 and had 2 mature follicles on Day 12. Triggered early morning on Day 13 and confirmed ovulation using OPKs that night. Today is 10dpo and my breasts feel a little sensitive when gently pressed. I’ve also been feeling warm the past few days, I thought I had fever but my temperature comes out to about 37-37.2’C at night. Could I be pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?


Hello everyone. for the longest time I have always read these blog posts in order to determine whether or not my symptoms were in fact pregnancy symptoms or not and thought why not join in on one finally, so here I am excited to join :). A lil backstory, I have tried to conceive for about 3 yrs now and haven't been able to. Went to the center for infertility as well to try some different treatments as well which didn't work either. Until recently, I got a hysteroscopy procedure done to remove what was found to be a septum in my uterus. The dr ok'd me to try and so I BD'd the first opportunity I got. I think I am at 7dpo right now and yesterday was by the far the weirdest day for me as I felt the weirdest symptom ever, tingling and itching around my nipples for about 3 hours. It was sooo bad I thought I was going crazy. On top of that I had lower back pain for the last 3 days as well as heartburn. Not sure if this is it but I really am hoping for it.

I noticed last night that my breasts had very very light green veins on them. I asked my husband if they’ve always been there and he said that I didn’t have those before. Also started to become gassy. Sorry TMI! 11dpo today, 4 more days before testing!!

Hi nneennee7! Hoping this is our month! Sending baby dusts to you!!

We’ve been ttc the past 10 months but my doctor said I wasn’t ovulating and my husband had liquifaction issues. This month, we’ve both overcame these factors so hoping this is it!

Hi there! Hope you are doing well. This TWW is killing me. I gave in and tested today but BFN. Idk how you are doing it. I feel like POAS every second lol. Sending baby dust to you as well. I too hope this is our month. Nothing Ive wanted more than to be a mommy.
My symptoms sort of died down. My breasts are sore when walking but not extremely. I also have been cramping but they definitely feel like AF cramps so I'm getting a little discouraged.

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