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11 DPO

Hey ladies. Like all of you I am literally driving myself and my partner crazy symptom spotting. I can get a little obsessed with it all and decided that I needed to start relaxing so took this month very different. I didn't test my ovulation however I do get real prominent symptoms of ovulation so can normally gage it quite well. Heres how this TWW has been.

Saturday 17/10 ovulation bleed. DTD Thursday & Friday previous to this also Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

1-2 DPO no real symptoms
3 DPO boobs begin to hurt (can sometimes be with ovulation but goes after a day or 2)
4-5 DPO boobs still sore, lower back ache
6 DPO pinching feeling in my left side most of the day. Almost like a UTI. Boobs still sore.
7DPO waves of nausea boobs still sore back still sore
8-10 DPO back still sore, pains on and off in tummy. Back ache all the time. Boobs still sore and nipples have gone a really purpuly colour.

11 DPO today, symptoms the same. HPT BFN.

NO CM, no spotting.

Sometimes I feel the symptoms come and go but the one constant has been the sore boobs and the back ache.

What's your thoughts ladies?

Am I Pregnant?


Think you're still in with a chance as have defo read people not getting bfp until 13 it 14 dpo

Im in the same boat as you. I'm 11DPO and I have tons of symptoms...and got a BFN on a Clear Blue easy Blue dye test this morning.

MY symptoms are: Nausea, back aches, vivid dreams, little to no CM, Swollen Vagina Walls, achy boobs, very fatigue, pains in lower pelvic area, gassy..bad, acne :(, and leg cramps.

Let me know if you get a BFP dust to you ****

Update on today. Another BFN this morning. No real change in symptoms other than feel less nauseous today. This afternoon there was pink when I wiped followed by dull aches very much the feeling like AF And still continuing now. I am praying that it's implant bleed but feels exactly like AF so not sure what to think right now. It's 4 days early and I am normally extremely regular. I will keep you posted. 

Fingers red crossed for you - keep me posted Xxx

are you 12DPO today? I would not count yourself out until AF comes full force. I am feeling worse then I did yesterday. Tons of bloating and full feeling that I have not ate anything this morning and feel extremely full but also hungry??? And did I mention my backpain?>?> It will not subside. Lots of bubbles popping in my lower abdomen as well...they say they are twinges:/

Yes 12DPO. Whats strange is that my backace has been the 1 constant that has had me thinking I could be along with sore boobs. Since this afternoon though my back isn't aching as much. It's like my symptoms are disappearing. It's really strange. I can't help but feel really disappinted and I know know why because on the face of it, pink spotting it what I want to see. I'm not sure if because it feels so much like AF that I feel like I'm out. 

Your symptoms getting stronger sounds really promising. I hope it's thus month for both of us xxx

Update this morning. Symptoms seem to be disappearing. AF Cramps not so consistamt but starting up again this morning. Still pink when I wipe but that is normal for me for the start of AF and this is getting heavier. I haven't tested this morning. Convinced this is AF anyway so will wait until she shows full force which should be by tonight going off my notmal cycles. 

Good luck to you. Let me know if you get your BFP xxx

UPDATE**** my AF is very strange this month. It started on Thursday with pink when I wiped. I've not had to use tampons or even a towel still and I'm still pink on and off. I'm like a mad woman on the loo scrutinising the tissue!! I've done another HPT this morning and again a negative. I'm now 15 days DPO (roughly) and my AF is due tomorrow.

Anyine any advice? 

UPDATE 2/1/17

Af arrived.....

mine did too:( On NYE of all days! Maybe this month will be our Month! Fingers will sure be a great start to the new year...

Ah I'm sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed. It will happen. Good things come to those who wait......

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