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11 DPO and confused!

SO and I are not actively TTC but we have decided to stop all things preventing it. This made month 6! This cycle was sooo different than normal. I usually have a perfect 28 day cycle. Never early, never late. Last month I was 4 days late before AF finally showed. I put That in my tracker and it changed everything and when I was ovulating and stuff. We don’t really keep track of that but I do Keep track of my periods. This month I could definitely tell that I was ovulating as my BBs we’re EXTREMELY sore, I cried over EVERYTHING, and I was super super attached to SO. I didnt Want him out of my sight! It was very very strange. Anyhoo, today makes 11 DPO. I woke Up two days ago to cramps like I was about to start. I felt All day like AF was going to show her ugly face at ANY TIME. I had Taken a test that day at work and I thought I saw a faint line, so I stopped On the way home to buy another to take with my FMU the next day. The only kind they had at my local DG was a Clearblue Rapid Detection test. BFN. It’s disheartening even though we aren’t actually ttc because you get yourself so excited! Anyways, I woke up this morning, 11 DPO and I am 3 days from when AF is supposed to come. I feel Like she will be here any minute as my BBs are very sore, but I am also having lower back pain, and sharp pains in my right Lower stomach. I also Had a bit of a nose bleed this morning (only my second one EVER in my entire life), and I’m extremely tired and irritable. I’ve read tons and tons of threads trying to figure out if this is AF symptoms or possible early pregnancy symptoms. They’re SO MUCH ALIKE it seems. I guess what I’m wondering is if I should test again or wait and see if af shows up. SO is out of town and how cool would it be to get to surprise him when he comes back New Years Day? I took That test at 10 DPO, was that too early when that wasn’t an early response test???? Sorry for the long post, I feel much better now! Thanks in advance,


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