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11 DPO - Dont have the heart to test

SO. I am pretty sure I am 11 DPO in a 28 day cycle. My cycle was irregular after birth control but has been consistent lately. Glow app keeps throwing off my ovulation days. Anywhoo! Pretty positive I am 11 DPO.

I tested 9 DPO with FMU and got a BFN of course. Im afraid to test again. AF is due on Christmas Eve.

The biggest symptom is a lot of back pain and very wet cm, with a strong scent (not stinky, just strong). No IB. My breasts are never sore at any point in my cycle. And last night I had a sex dream which was WEIRD.

Ive also been VERY moody.

Am I Pregnant?



Its always good to wait untill your due date. So there will not be any confusions. Have a petience and all the best...

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