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11 dpo, I feel like see a line

I have been EXHAUSTED (especially days 7-9)! Most of the day from when I would with a brief break for a few hours & then again in the afternoon, I have been so tired that my eyes could close. I have lots of CM, more than usual. The problem is that I was away on business on what I think was my O day according to the tests I brought with me. We did the BD around midnight going into the day before I got the positive test. It feels impossible and I'm feeling pessimistic, but I have been SO knocked out and I don't recall being like this otherwise! I had a MC back in January, so this would be such a blessing. I think I’m going to the b-room more often, I have been freezing at times with brief twinges in my abdomen and extra hungry last few days. I thought I saw a faint line on my test this morning but my husband doesn’t see it. I’ll post a pic of the test if I can figure out how!

Am I Pregnant?


If you’re 10 days past ovulation, you may start experiencing some symptoms if you’re pregnant. Some of the most common symptoms of very early pregnancy include. Fatigue and exhaustion. Mild or dull cramping. Gas. Bloating. Backache. Tender breasts. Nausea. Breasts feeling heavy or full. Sensitive nipples. Increased CM. By far, the most common symptom this early on in the pregnancy will be fatigue. Nearly all pregnant women feel more fatigued than usual, especially during their first trimester. This is because your body is now producing more progesterone, which can cause you to feel tired. At the same time, you’re also producing more blood to carry more oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. All of this extra blood requires your heart to work harder.

I'm holding onto hope for you. I pray what you're experiencing is not AF!! Obviously I can't tell you not to worry. But I truly hope this is a bump in your already pregnant road. *HUGS* I will keep you posted as per my progress, and please keep my updated on yours as well. Implantation usually can take place between 6-12 (generally 8-10) dpo. Its not too late. 14 dpo would be too late. And if there's any chance that you're off on your O date then you could be a day or two less on your dpo count too. FX that is the case for you. Brown spotting is good. As long as it doesn't turn into bleeding red blood. Try to relax, keep your chin up, think positive thoughts!! CONCEIVE. BELIEVE. RECEIVE!!! I'll be praying for you!! You can try other activities to keep your mind of the thought. Being disappointed right now is not a good sign.

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