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11 DPO w/ Strange Cramps

Hi all! This is my first post to a website regarding conceiving, etc, but I feel like I am going crazy looking for symptoms & want some opinions!
I am approx 11 dpo (my cycle isn't perfect, but I have been tracking it for months so I am basing my ovulation time-frame on this) & have lots of symptoms that could point to pregnant and lots that could point to my period coming! lol Help!

- strange cramps started 2 days ago: started high & off to the left side - sharp & irritating, changed to low & dull for past 1.5 days
- breasts seem very heavy, but not sore; nipples seem slightly darker & cracked slightly (ouch!)
- annoying lower back ache
- uber b*tchy!!! (way worse than usual pms)
- strange skin rash that started approx 4 dpo & is slowly getting better
- very strong sense of smell when usually I cannot smell the things I notice now!

I am really hoping that we are going to have a honeymoon baby, but also think it could all point to a heavy period coming my way??
What are your thoughts?! Thanks!!

Am I Pregnant?


I has the same thing last month, minus the heavy breasts and cracked nipples, instead I had a very heavy feeling in my uterus area. But unfornatunately I tested negative, followed by an extremely excruciatingly painful period that was about a week late. Same heaviness this month and mild cramping on my left side after ovulation. Hoping for BFP this time!!

I'm sorry to hear that Nadia - fingers crossed for a BFP for you!!

I forgot to add that I am also so gassy I could probably launch a ship across the ocean & I feel like I am pooping so much more often than usual! (sorry if that's a little tmi... lol)

I'm having the EXACT same experience, although I'm at 17dpo now. My first cramping started 6 days ago and let up 2 days ago. I started brown spotting yesterday and woke up to heavier brown spotting this morning. Still no AF, and since my cycle is always 28 days, I'm now 4 days late. I took my first and only pg test 2 days ago and it was bfn.
I have a 5 yr old and gave birth to a still born 6 months ago, so I'm eager for his to be the bfp! But who knows..Our bodies are such a mystery.
Good luck to you..keep us posted!

I am going to test tomorrow morning. I have a wonderful feeling I will be happy with the result, but if not my body is doing an amazing trick lol
I wanted cheez whiz so bad last night I almost made my husband go out at midnight to find some & I am so emotional I cried trying to put on mascara this morning!

Anonymous are you going to test again??

So I tested this morning.... and got my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex that's wonderful!! Congratulations to you!!
Thanks for posting the results! Anonymous, I hope you are doing ok?
Well I am now 13 dpo. No more cramping for a while, instead very sore breasts that get sorer every day! Extremely emotional: I cried watching scenes of the flooding in Brisbane on the news. I cry at what seems like anything! Easily irritated too, much much more than usual PMS. The gas has finally passed though! Well, at least not as much as last week!!!
Still high bbt, still quite a lot more CM than usual.... Hmm waiting for some pregnancy tests to arrive in the mail. Positive thinking and hoping for my BFP!

Also crazy curry cravings!!! Had curry four days in a row!!!

Thanks Nadia, now I want curry! LOL
Did you take your test yet!?

Well I didn't test as I felt an all too familiar type of cramping in my abdomen: period cramps. The heaviness in my uterus was gone, replaced by these cramps. Breasts tenderness gone. Sure enough that night: brown spotting which turned into full flow the next day. :(
Oh well, try harder next month. :( going on 13 months ttc now...

Alex I hope you got your curry!!! LOL!!! All the best to you and your pregnancy!!:)

I am 11 dpo. For the past two days I've been experiencing cramping, lower back pain and I've been horribly gassy. Also I have moments where I will suddenly smell something out of nowhere. Normally with AF, I have no warning whatsoever. I never get cramps before and usually I only get them the first day of AF.

When my son was conceived it was truly dumb luck and I didn't track any symptoms. What do you think? Am I pregnant or is mother nature being mean?

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