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11 Months Pp breastfeeding no cycle and feel pregnant

I have 4 children, breastfeeding with my 11 month old still. Exclusively until 6 months but now she eats 3 meals and supplements formula during day. I've not gone this long breastfeeding without my cycle returning. But I feed her 2-3 times during the night for maybe 5-10 minutes on one side. I don't have much milk but she comfort feeds as I work outside of the home. So Husband and I do not use bc and we want another baby but my cycle has still not returned. However for a couple months I've felt like I was going to start my cycle with nothing happening. And now I feel pregnancy symptoms. I feel like I've been extra tired, extra hungry, have an extra libido at times, and my body temperature has increased over the past few weeks, Anand the Urination frequency. New symptom this week is nausea. I have always known when I was pregnant literally with my 2nd child like 4 days after conception. No test picked it up and at the hospital the blood test didn't register. I went back the next week and I was pregnant. So I'm lost... Could I really be pregnant without ever seeing even a drop of my menstrual cycle? I hear it's possible but has anyone really had this happen to them!? And if so how long did it take to get positive test and how far along were you when you were confirmed pregnant? I know my body and something is off either finally getting my cycle or Pregnant? Thoughts?
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WOW!!! We actually did catch the first egg... No chance to even start cycle, we're pregnant!!

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