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12 Days Late?

Hello, I'm currently 12 days late for af and have had 3 bfn hpts. The first two were taken at 2 and 5 days late but in the afternoon, and the last was taken at 9 days late with fmu. I have been on birth control for 2 years and came off it at after my lmp which began Jan 10. I did not have any bleeding until Feb 4, however it was pink spotting when I wiped, it turned brown the next time I wiped (sorry if tmi). I don't usually have spotting but I didn't think much of it as my period was supposed to come Feb 7 and thought af was early. However that didn't even last 12 hours and I have not had af since. On the day I was supposed to get my period, I began to feel very fatigued, would come home after work and sleep and still go to bed at 9:30pm and sleep all night. Other symptoms I have seen since (that are still happening) include; - still no period - my nipples are extremely sensitive and I have almost stabbing pains in my breasts that come and go. In general they look darker than usual - I'm not hungry as nothing seems appealing to eat - I get nauseous when hungry and even if I eat I'm still nauseous all afternoon - I've tried to eat after work on two separate days and threw up - I've cried at absolutely the smallest things the past 4 or so days - my mouth tastes like there's blood in it all the time - when I blow my nose there's blood but I have not had a nose bleed - my stomach has strange "almost-cramps" - they feel like very small cramps but not af cramps. (Now I generally don't get any pre-af symptoms but when I was younger I had terrible cramps) - my stomach also feels hard when I press on it - I've had heartburn a few days but not constantly I know people can symptom spot if they want to become pregnant but is it possible to have this many? Has anyone heard of someone getting a bfp more than a week after af was due? I have not made a doctors appt as after the 2nd bfn I was convinced it was just a weird cycle. The symptoms have not gone away hence taking the 3rd hpt and now I'm just confused. Thank you for any help!
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I had several wonky cycles with a ton of pregnancy-like symptoms after I came off birth control. Could be that your body needs a little time to adjust.

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