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12 dpo left ovary pain since 9 dpo

I don't usually have PMS except from colds and flu a night before period but since after O day, I have been feeling some pain (but tolerable) in my left ovary. Took hpt 7dpo and 9 dpo both BFN. Could I be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant?


I think you are not pregnant. But perhaps I can help you with some signs. Most Common First Signs of Pregnancy. What are the most common first signs of pregnancy? In a poll conducted by the American Pregnancy Association. The most commonly reported first symptoms of pregnancy included. 29% of women surveyed reported a missed period as their first pregnancy symptom. 25% indicated that nausea was the first sign of pregnancy. 17% reported that a change in their breasts was the initial symptom of pregnancy. While implantation bleeding is often considered the first pregnancy symptom. Others revealed that only 3% of women identified implantation bleeding as their first sign of pregnancy. I hope that can help for the time being. But I would greatly recommend you stop giving yourself false hopes. Wait till when the test kit assures you that you are pregnant. All the best.

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