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12 dpo with implantation bleeding (I hope!)

First time ttc, first cycle after stopping the pill. According to the Ovia app my fertile days were 12/24 through 12/31, with BD on 24th, 27th, 28th, and 30th.

1 dpo - headaches, vivid dreams
2 dpo - headaches, stuffy nose, vivid dreams
3 dpo - headaches, emotional
4 dpo - headaches, slight nausea, heightened sense of smell
5 dpo - bloating
6 dpo - headaches, super irritable
7 dpo - stuffy nose and sore throat, mild headache in am
8 dpo - mild headache, sore throat
9 dpo - mild headache, bloating
10 dpo - moderate headache, bloating
11 dpo - brownish discharge, hot flash in evening
12 dpo - continued scant brownish discharge

Overall, feeling very pregnant. AF is due in 2 days. What do y'all think?

Am I Pregnant?


I caved and tested today lol (13 dpo) but it was negative. I have read that it can take 4-6 days from implantation for hcg to be detected in urine, so I think I will try again on Friday with FMU!

I hope this is not the case but the spotting might be AF on the way. Given you are only 2 days away from it. I was in your shoe just a few months ago and our body and mind play tricks on us. I hope this is it for you. good luck!

Thanks! AF is due today, but nowhere in sight. The brown spotting/discharge has stopped completely now. I'm just not sure what to think! I usually get awful cramps the day before AF- also I have never spotted between periods in my life! I'm trying to wait until tmrw morning to test again, so we will see!

Any update?? Having the same issue here. 

Unfortunately this never lead to a BFP :( what I thought was implanation bleeding was a super light period. Since then I have not had any spotting or periods and am cd 69. I wish I knew how much bcp could mess with my body when I got on it years ago! Praying my cycle levels out soon.


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