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13dpo and High Temps

This is my first month on clomid - I took it from cd5-9. I am currently 13 (or 14, but I believe 13) dpo and have been temping, though somewhat inconsistently. My chart is also a bit hard to read because I think both provera (to get my period) and clomid raised my pre-o temps, but in any case, I am 13dpo and my temps are still high - way above cover line (especially if I only count the temps on the days I wasn't taking the clomid pill). I don't know if this is usual or not for me because this is my first month temping, and I also don't know if clomid would effect for how long my temps stay high.

I know clomid side effects mimic pregnancy symptoms, so it's been really hard to tell if something is going on with me or not. I have been feeling out of sorts since ovulation day.

O-day: very gassy, sore breasts, cramping
1-6 dpo (roughly): random waves of nausea, sore breasts, mild cramping
After that, the symptoms kind of subsided, and then surged again. The only one that has been a constant has been the sore breasts. The cramping has come back, and not really nausea but more random loss of appetite and some intolerance to certain smells, although I'm not sure if those things just did not smell good or if my sense of smell actually got more sensitive - I might be stretching it to mention that one. And on and off gassiness, a bit of loose stool (sorry, so tmi!), then other times feeling a little constipated.

Two days ago I also had some small nosebleeding going on, but that stopped. Again, could have been unrelated to anything. I've also had some random pinches in my abdomen, but I've had that before and not been pregnant (though, granted, that time was after a miscarriage when it was discovered I wasn't ovulating and had multiple cysts on both my ovaries, so I think those pains were from the cysts). They might be from cysts, maybe.

The thing that holds most significance to me is that my temps are still high (do they usually stay high so close to getting a period?). And I guess the on and off cramping - I don't usually start cramping until the day I actually get my period. It's weird cramping too - sometimes it feels like that sort hollowness you get after you've had the stomach bug and your stomach is sore from it, and sometimes it feels like mild af cramps, but unlike af cramps that are constantly there, these cramps fade in and out.

I am resisting testing until I am actually late for my period (I am expecting it tomorrow or the next day), but I'm still SO curious...!

What do you guys think?

Am I Pregnant?


Typically high temps are an indictation of pregnancy. Another significant indication of success is consistently sore breasts. That said, most women see a positive test by 12-14 days past ovulation. Give it until day 15 past ovulation and test again. If you get a negative at that point, you can believe it as truth.

Thanks. I never tested yet in the first place so it's possible I could have gotten a positive by now but I'm really trying to wait until I'm sure.

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