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14 DPO, AF 1 day late, BFN

My period is 1 day late, ovulated 14 days ago, no symptoms for 1-12dpo.

On 12+13 DPO, light cramping on and off. Very similar to period pains. Thought AF was coming for sure. The cramps last maybe a minute at most, not unbearable but enough to get my attention. Cramps before period is normal for me, but usually it is one incident lasting 10 mins or so, 2 days before period, not on and off for days like this. And usually that cramp knocks me off my a**. I usually have to sit and let it pass and debate taking ibuprofen. Also, i felt slightly sick, not achey or feverish, just kinda off, waves of sick/sometimes dizzy, sinus congestion/drainage. Nausea is usual when my AF is due, especially after I eat, but this was different, if anything eating helped. Lots of low blood sugar shakiness feeling when hungry, which happens a lot for me, I just feel like the threshold for that is lower this cycle. It's not impossible i just got a bug and am symptom spotting the sickness, but that aside, the cramps were definitely undeniably different.

AF due on 13dpo, but nothin!

Tested this morning at 14 DPO, BFN. No more cramps. Sick feeling mostly gone.

Am I out of luck? If I implanted 12 dpo, is it possible it is too early to test positive? I have a 32 day cycle, pretty reliably. 2 late periods in the last year, both when AF was due while we were out of town.

Am I Pregnant?


Updated for anyone in the same boat, good luck ladies

I am sorry to say this but I think that you are not pregnant. Breast changes are often the first symptoms of pregnancy, especially in women having their first baby. By week 6 of pregnancy 2 weeks after the first missed period some women experience heaviness in the breasts and tingling in the nipples. Nausea, with or without vomiting, can also occur shortly after the first missed period. Many women notice an increase in urination starting around week 8 of pregnancy. I learnt all this in Bio tex clinic. But the only surest way in this is to wait longer. Perhaps your periods will come anytime from now.

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