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14 DPO NO AF but BFN

Hi Ladies,

Please let me know what you think!!
I stopped breastfeeding in October and have had 3 cycles since then although none have been very regular but are slower becoming shorter (and closer to my original 27 day cycle before DD1).
We weren't really trying this month as we were on holiday and staying with family (not ideal!) but I still tried to time it right! Here's my latest (I don't temp, just go by CM, O pains and this month I used a saliva microscope):
LMP 25 Nov
CD12 : slightly fertile according to saliva microscope, creamy cm, bd
CD13: increased fertility according to saliva microscope, creamy cm
CD14: increaed fertility according to saliva miscroscope, watery cm
CD15: high fertility according to saliva miscroscope, watery cm
CD16: EWCM, bd
CD17: bd (possible O day)
CD18: painful stitch like feeling over right ovary (I had this when I was pregnant with DD on left ovary and according to ultrasound I did O from left side then) - possible O day
After that I was dry again (so definitely O'd just not 100% sure of the exact day)
Since Sunday which would be CD28 I've been nauseous, bloated, gassy, and had on and off AF pain. On Monday night I had really bad AF like pain (perhaps I only implanted then?!).
On Wednesday night my left breast leaked and is still leaking - I'm not sure if this is a sign of pregnancy, I haven't had any leaking since I stopped breastfeeding!
Yesterday (Thursday CD 32) I POAS and it was BFN :( but still no AF only creamy cm.
I will test again on Saturday if AF has appeared yet.
Holding thumbs I just implanted late!!!

Am I Pregnant?


I'm in the same boat! I've had one pp af and am experiencing nausea and cramping. I have felt like af was coming all week but so far only creamy cm as well! Leaking sounds like a good sign, i have read that as a symptom on other message boards so I have my fx for you! Maybe wait a couple days and take a test in the morning. My first pregnancy i tested at 5 weeks pg (was not ttc) and still only had a very faint line so maybe your hcg levels are still too low to get a bfp?? Hope so!

I'm in the same boat and wondering if you got your BFP?

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