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Hey everyone so I'm currently 14dpo, af due tomorrow, not testing till she is gone but I'd like to know what you all think ladies ❤ so around 12dpo I had this one huge cramp in my lower belly for around 2 mins and then it disappeared, around 8-10DPO I started having super vivid dreams and sore bb's. 10-14dpo loose stools, not diarrhoea but not normal (sorry tmi) last few days lots of creamy white cm. cervix high and hard and closed. But this morning 14dpo, I was making husbands lunch for work and for some reason when I was putting the ham on the sandwich I started gagging and wanted to vomit! I love ham :( lol and now I just have weird feelings in my lower belly, my boobs/nipples hurt like crazy!!!! I'm not testing till I miss af I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I'd like to see what you all think!!!

Am I Pregnant?


AF didn't arrive today. Will test later tonight fingers are crossed!!

Let us know that results. sounds very promising!!!


did you get your BFP!?!

I got a very bfp!!! So good! The lines popped up straight away and very dark xx

Awww Yay! congrats! :)

Thank you x

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congrats! :) baby dust for us aspiring to be mom!!!!


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