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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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14DPO and desperately trying to wait till tomorrow to test

1-8 DPO- no symptoms
9DPO- woke up at 3am with electric bolt pains in very low abdomen
10DPO- Cramping all day in very low abdomen
11DPO- no cramping, Breasts very tender, cm increase
12DPO- no cramping, breasts even more tender, cm increase
13DPO- Dull AF cramps all day, breasts tender, cm increase
14DPO- no cramps, breasts still tender, cm increase

Am I Pregnant?


Did you test?

I still haven't tested! I must have ovulated later than I thought! It's now cycle day 31, my cycle is irregular, sometimes 26- 27 days, sometimes 31. For the last 2 days, I have had a tiny amount of dark brown spotting, and low, low cramping, but no usual signs of AF. Plan to test on Sunday, as my Google search said to wait at least 3 days after an implantation bleed for accurate results. Still hoping for a BFP, AF usually heavy and red for first 2 days, never had this before so fx'd!

Did you find out the results of your test? I hope it was good! Best of luck!

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