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15 days late!!

I’m currently CD 47, I’ve never gone over 33. I’ve done 4 hpt, all bfn. I have had nausea nearly every night and morning, terrible wind and constipation, twinges in my stomach and mild cramps but nothing like af. I have been sleeping at 8/9 every night which I never do and I did bleed very light for one day a week after I ovulated-which I track on a calendar. Someone please help me out!
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It might be a good idea to see your doctor. If you are not pregnant he can prescribe something so you'll get af and try again next cycle. Good luck.

I know how you are feeling. I really need some positive assurance . or just a yes or no answer would be nice. I've been ttc for 3 months. I'm 31. I ovulated on 20th Nov. Never missed a period except with my other 2 pregnancies which produced 2 lovely children. Now 15 and 8yo. My cycle is always spot on. I've had all pregnancy symptoms except sore breasts and no spotting at all thoughl. My period was due 6th of Dec. I had this feeling it wasn't going to come.. I've had symptoms since a couple days after ovulation. Me and DH had sex everyday starting from the last day of my period.. 11th Nov up till 28th Nov. Legs up and all.. Lol Done hpt everyday 3 days before my period untill 5 days after my period all were FRER . All were BFN. So went to the doctor for bloods. Also came back negative. I'm now 9 days late. I feel absolutely positive I'm pregnant. But nothing is confirming it. Doctor was useless. Just told me that I'm not pregnant and maybe I'm producing symptoms from thinking I'm pregnant when I'm not and assumed I need to have a urine test to check for a urine infection.. Which I have no symptoms of.. . The whole time ttc I've not been stressed. Pretty laid back, like when it happens it happens. I know these feelings/symptoms I had only happened the last 2 times I'd been pregnant. Is it possible to keep hope even after negative bloods and hpt?? Is it possible to still be pregnant 9 days past missed AF even with negative results? I'm not getting any answers the doctor said he won't prescribe anything untill I've missed periods for over 6 I'm lost at the moment. I left my doctors absolutely distraught at the fact I felt I was treated as a crazy person. I know my body and what's normal and what's abnormal.ill be seeing another doctor next week.. And the waiting game is agonizing. I wish for you the best and hope you can have answers soon. I can relate how frustrating it can be looking for answers and waiting on results and not getting anywhere.

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