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15 days late, a few symptoms but not my regular af symptoms

So my last af was July 21st. I run very regular 25/26 day cycles. The only time I've ever been more than a couple of days late was while traveling out of the country with my 7 year old daughter. Af didn't show and I tested 3, 6, and 9 days late with cheap pregnancy tests they were negative. I'm slightly nauseated on and off throughout the days started about a week ago, sore nipples which I tend to have sore breasts before and during af but have never had sore nipples. I've also been fatigued lately and taking naps which I never do. But all hpts have came back negative.

After I tested at 9 days late I put it out of my mind and didn't think about t anymore until last night when I went to my moms for dinner and the smell of bacon literally made me gag. I love bacon! I didn't even know it was bacon until I asked my mom what the awful smell was, I thought there was a much more logical answer than bacon lol.

I'm too nervous to go to the doctor, and want to wait until I'm at least 3-4 weeks late to call and ask for an appointment. Has anyone else been pregnant with negative hpts?

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Hey i am in the same boat as you!! Last af 21st july and negative hpts. I went to the doctors this morning which wasn't very helpful tbh they took another pt bfn again. Told me that they are so accurate now that it seems am not. However they are asking me to come back on monday for blood tests if af hasn't appeared by then. Tho i have read so much on the net that i am still confused because there are many of ladies who didn't get a bfp until three wks late and some womens hcg levels are not high enough to detect on some hpts and blood test confirm it better however some of those come back neg and they still ended up preg!! Apparently you can buy a an 10miu which is the most senitive to check. Hope some of this has helped you in a way.

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