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15 dpo and a little confused

I’ve been told I have some cysts and that if my bc and I want to ttc that I need to go on meds. Although the Dr. said I did ovulate the month I saw him. So we don’t use any form of bc except for pulling out. I’m also Type 1, but not sure if that has anything to do with this.

I normally ovulate later in my cycle (verified only by cm). My cycle is irregular and ranges from 34 days. This month seems different. Here’s what’s going on:

Cd 13 and 14: wet cm
Cd 15: sharp ovulation pain, lots of EWCM, sex
1 dpo: EWCM
2 dpo: EWCM
3 dpo: EWCM, nagging o pains
4 dpo: EWCM, nagging o pains
5-13 dpo: tender bbs (normal)
9 dpo: irritable, o like pain. Implantation?
11 dpo: sore throat at night, dry cm
12 dpo: bad cold started, dry cm
13 dpo: turned to flu for this day. Fever, violently vomited 7 times, has diarrhea 3 times. Dry cm
14 dpo: breasts aren’t tender, just bigger. Much more irritable than normal. Nauseated again at night but nothing like day before. Maybe it’s the brat diet from being sick the day before. Eating only crackers and toast. Too much gluten? Also cramping. These cramps were different, like not as painful as my AF cramps. I know most people say they feel the same, but these were different. They felt deeper inside my gut if that makes sense. Dry cm
15 dpo: bbs a little more tender this morning. Questioning if it’s bc my blood glucose was in the 200s when I woke up. Dry cm.

When should I test? Since my average cycle length is 34 Days, would I wait until cd 34? So loooong!! I’m only at cd 29!!

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