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15 DPO, No Period ..BFN!?

Hi ladies,

I've been trying to conceive for the last two months and have only been using an ovulation tracker app on my phone.

According to my tracker I'm 15 dpo. No period....yet. took a hpt yesterday and today and got BFN's!!

My symptoms are:

1-7 dpo: no particular symptoms.
8dpo: weird strange fluttering in uterus that kinda twinged.
9dpo: went to bathroom after breakfast and literally one drop if blood fell into the toilet bowl. Shocked and then noticed CM was light Brown. This is unusual for me as I never spot. Though last cycle my period came 4 days late. This is when I freaked out thinking that implantation may of happened.
10 dpo: Took a Hpt and BFN.
14dpo: no period. Weird cramps. Swear it would be coming anytime now!
15 dpo: still no period. Had weird cramps and then diarrhea in the morning. Felt super nauseas. Went to lunch with a gf and couldn't eat my fresh rolls. Tasted like straw!! Loss appetite for rest of day. Really tired. Bought a Hpt and still BFN!!

I'm so confused. My breasts have only really started to feel sore as of today. Nothing to unusual except the spotting, losing appetite and lots of CM!

Forgot to mention that I took my temperature this evening and it was 37.4 degrees Celsius. I feel slightly feverish n warm.

Help, do u think I could possibly be pregnant????!!! 

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I'm in the same predicament. My last AF was 10/4, this is my 2nd cycle since stopping BCP in January. Last cycle was 37 days but before BCP my cycle was always 28-30 days. I wasnt sure when I ovulated so I'm quoting dates.

21/4 BD
22/4 BD twice. Cramps
23/4 - 27/4 Gassy, bloated
28/4 BD. Wave of nausea during lunch with friends
29/4 - 1/5 Down with a cold
2/5 -7/5 Occasional headaches, bloating
8/5 BFN
11/5 BFN

Had creamy CM since BD, which is abnormal for me.
I was hoping to give my mom a mothers day present of a grandchild but it's been BFN's :(
I think it might the the brand of HPT I bought, planning to buy some other brands today and test again in a couple of days if AF no show

Keep us updated on how you went.

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