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1st month off pill and TTC

Hi guys.

HELP. I am unsure if I'm going crazy or if we could have really conceived in our 1st month.

To give you a bit of background, I went off (the same) pill about 2 or 3 years ago and had absolutely no symptoms. I also bounced straight back into a regular cycle - just with more intense period pains.

This time.... I am using Ovia to track my cycle and I am fairly certain I ovulated on the day they mentioned OR two days earlier. Both days I had AF (period) like pains with a few sharp ones on my left side. I also had EWCM. I had also been tracking my basal temperature and it spiked just after that.
Since then I have been feeling rather bloated on most days with a tender lower belly when pushed/touched. I have also had a few moments of queasiness (and perhaps a heightened sense of smell) - a few times over raw chicken, and the smell of cut grass absolutely disgusted me. I have not actually vomited though. The last 3 days I have had very painful nipples. I often get tender breasts around my period but this is different. It is my actual nipples this time and its so painful i have started wearing sports bras and dread washing in the shower haha! (#donttouchme).

Last night I woke up to period-like pains with a weird fluttering/twinging in my uterus. (implantation?). I am wither 7dpo or 9dpo today. I know its early but i have been feeling rather tired, with backaches and headaches often.

Thoughts? Could it be changes in hormones from my pill or am i preggers?

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Can't seem to vote, but it is possible. Good luck!

Can't seem to vote, but it is possible. Good luck!

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