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2 BFP, Then 3 BFN, Then 1 Faint P

Since last August I have had about 5 chemical pregnancies. This is my second cycle taking 200mg Progesterone. My first cycle was in May but that didn’t result in a pregnancy and then I took the summer months off of trying to relax a bit. (Did I mention I am going on 5 years TTC with my husband?) Anyway- LMP was 7/23 we bd 8/6 and 8/8. Because I am a POAS addict I immediately start testing- and not with the cheap tests. I was shocked that on 8/14 at 2:45 in the afternoon on a FRER I got a BFP. The line was light, but it was very very visible. I didn’t have to take it in certain light or hold it at a certain angle- you could see it. That was a shocker. I was so early. I am guessing it was 7dpo. Well at 4:45 I got the same, maybe a tad bit stronger pink line on FRER. It was awesome. I had blood work done right away (and I haven’t heard back yet.)
This is where it gets tricky:
I woke up at 3 AM to pee this morning and decided not to test because I only had one FRER left and I wanted to use pee later when I really woke up. Dumb idea! I couldn’t fall back asleep and the test was haunting me to take it so at 3:45 I squeezed some pee into a cup and dipped the test- clear as day BFN. What? I was so frustrated with myself and the stick! I went to Wal-Mart at 4:00 am to get more tests. I went back to bed and at 7:30 I peed again. BFN. So I assume that I am already in the process of a chemical pregnancy, again. I didn’t feel good all day, but my nipples aren’t as sensitive today so I assume symptoms are going away. When I got home and continued to search the internet for answers and only came up with a chemical pregnancy. And then I heard to the tests calling my name from the bathroom so I went and took “one last one” because I wanted my final answer. At 6:00 PM (after having used the bathroom once or twice since I have been home from work at 4:30) got a very very faint BFP. Now what? I know I have to wait and see- but that is so hard and isn’t fun at all. In the mean time- anyone have any words of wisdom? Do you think that the tests this morning were BFN because I didn’t have enough concentrated hcg? Do you think I am more of an afternoon tester? I am so confused. I just checked it again and the line is still there- 40 minutes later. I have to adjust it in the light to see it, but it is there.


Sorry,I don't know the answers to your questions,  but I am praying for you.  I am TTC 8 months now, and I'm not sure what would be worse, never seeing a BFP or seeing one and then m/c. God is great and will work his will into your life.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I am praying for you. At least you know you can get pregnant, so that's great news. Hang in there. God is Great!

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