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2 days before o and 2 days after

Me and so use the pull out method. He usually doesn't always pull out but I wasn't having regular periods before because of breastfeeding. I know he didn't bpull out on the two days listed in the title and we did it twice those days. We also did it on o day but it seemed like he pulled out. I usually don't have ewcm but this time I had HORRIBLE cramps and a whole lot of ewcm on o day.

Am I Pregnant?


If you’re trying to conceive, you’ll constantly be on the lookout for early pregnancy symptoms — and an implantation bleeding, which sometimes occurs when the newly fertilized egg nestles into the uterine lining, is one of the earliest possible pregnancy signs. You could suspect it is an implantation bleeding if it occurs a bit earlier than your expected period and if the bleeding is scanty, spotty, pinkish and not red and heavy like a period. If your bleeding does not follow the normal pattern of a period, it is probably an implantation bleeding and not a period. There is often the feeling that it is a period with light cramps and bloating, but the bleeding is shorter, lighter and simply not normal. If a woman is usually regular, and now all of a sudden develops this type of early spotting after unprotected intercourse, pregnancy is a possibility. Each woman should understand that an implantation bleeding occurs during the implantation of the egg cell. It occurs towards the end of the implantation process.

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