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2 Days late and scared to test

Hi All. Bit of background... 2 years TTC and appointment to start IVF next week, never seen even a faint BFP. Currently 2 days late with AF cramps and headache but nothing showing yet. I am normally a 26-day cycle and currently on day 28. Had Hysteroscopy last cycle but nothing was done/removed, as they were unable to locate the Polyp, so believe was just a look!! Seemed to have AF as normal after this but worried it may have affected my cycle, can it? This cycle only DTD on cycle day 11 and 13 had EWCM Cycle day 12. With house move and other things going on we haven't been able to try for a month or two so this is our first cycle back TTC. Assuming ovulated around day 12 as also had a sharp pain in the right side that day, as often get cramp around that time on varying sides. So in the TWW I've been very irritable, quite emotional but we are in the middle of a renovation so that may be stress too! About what I expect was 8/9 DPO I got a very sharp pain in my uterus so much so double over while out shopping..then it was gone in a minute, could it have been implantation?? Head is addled. I've been craving/wanting salty food for the past couple of weeks - as in have to buy them on the way home from work and devour them! Unusual for me as trying to lose weight and normally quiet restraint. Feel like uterus is gurgling, no signs of AF and CM is white but lumpy not like glue, no smell. Also very tired, want to nap when home from work, and mid work day, even though getting about 9 hours sleep a night! Petrified to test as only even seen BFN...but could I be pregnant!

Am I Pregnant?


I would say take a test, it's a good chance that you are pregnant. I'm current in the tww and period not due until 6 more days. Baby dust to the both of us

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