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2 days late. Could it be?!

Hi ladies,
This is my 2nd cycle actively ttc. I have scoured lots of forums looking for the magical yes or no answer or someone in same position as me but no avail :(.
With my dd and previous pregnancies I *knew* within a week of bd but I think I'm just symptom spotting now.
Had a 4 day period in July. 14-17 and 7 day heavy on on 3-8 August.
Here's the story:
Bd on 10, 13, 19, 27 and 30 August.
Ovulated (I believe basing on cm not bbt) on 16 August.
1dpo: ewcm, cramps
2dpo: spotting but only a smidgen
3dpo: creamy cm
4dpo: creamy cm
5dpo: horrible sinus cold. Headache and creamy cm
6dpo: slightly yellow cm, nosebleed (could be due to cold), uterus feels super heavy and achy especially when coughing or sneezing
7dpo: watery cm, cramps
8dpo: creamy cm, sore bbs, sharp pain in left side uterus 3am
9dpo: yet another cold?! Yellow cm, sore bbs
10dpo: definitely a cold again. Small nosebleed. Cp high, medium firm and open. Bbs sore and large blue veins
11dpo: hot flash and dizzy at 5pm
12dpo: nothing of any note
13dpo: nothing of any note
14dpo: slightly yellow cm
15dpo:bbs sore, dizzy weird flash in pm, cp SHOW in am and soft high closed pm
16 dpo: swollen vjj walls, cp high and soft then low hard open and then yet again soft and high closed.

Had major super duper cramps this morning that made me think AF was here making a late entrance but no bleeding as of yet 7 hours later.
I don't get cramps during AF until bleeding starts so last couple weeks has been odd.
In summary, lots of cramps, cp mostly high soft and shut. Cm doing standard stuff. But, I've been testing since 7dpo, (I know!) and nothing but BFN. Not even a shadow or a hint.
Personally, I would say I wasn't pregnant but looking back at symptoms and period being late (never late, very rarely early) I thought there may be a smidgen if a chance.
If there's any magical ladies out there who could give me some advice, I would be most grateful :).
Sticky baby dust all round!

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Baby dust to you!

5 days late. Still BFN. Cervix high and soft.
Thankies bfpwishes!
Guess my body likes playing games at the moment! :(

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