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2 week wait!

Of course I'm not pregnant pregnant because I'm still waiting for my period. This is day 7 post ovulation, I believe. Tested this morning. Still negative. But. Since at least Sunday, (this is Saturday the week after) I know I've been getting heart burn again, my husband too is having his sympathetic cold & shivers and indigestion, I'm trying to take it back because he makes me miserable when he's the 1 vomiting. Lol I'd rather it be me.. so I was supposed to ovulate June 10 according to cherry app. It's now the 16th. I've had all my usual/unusual not so common signs that come with a girl for me, however I miscarry often & have ansill birth at 27 weeks, so even if my body is trying I could have a chemical & it end before it begins, or have a regular hard core mc I've had twice, hopefully this won't be the case. Heart burn Indigestion acid reflux Vivid dreams weird dreams, can't sleep, up til 5 am one night, Moods coming back all swingy Daughters 1 yr 7 mths suddenly began wanting and loving mommy (sadly we've not been super close since birth she's been a daddy's girl no matter how hard I try. Damn Scorpio lol) Now it's all Mommy Mommy Mommy!!!! Pooping A LOT in the sense of I just eat and have to go to the bathroom. My Pepsi and Doritos is tasting bad again (plan to quit permanently this time) I try not to forget things.... Oh my talking has been bad again... Can't find words/say the word/phrase back word. It's very frustrating and I wanna cry sometimes for it especially u know with no exciting purpose for it!!! Breasts take turns hurting, veins one or two and this weird... Feels like hairs growing in on my breasts suddenly never noticed this before... No discolour or anything tho so not likely cancer. Lol I hope!! Oh! Hieghtened smell. I ALWAYS get stronger sense of smell. I once told the janitors at my work that some pipes were burning... No one else in the basement who was there all day smelled it.. I was NOT pregnant at the time... So it gets very bad. When pregnant w my daughter 2016, my then 5yr old son had morning sickness (anytime of day) as well and I have had it a couple times the nausea randomly again the heart burn possibly lactose intolerant again/intolerant to red dye in koolaide slash can't handle anything cause I keep having to poop. My son even got sick cause the smell of his brothers poop apparently.... So yeah. Definitely my usual symptoms. Since I had my app I definitely took note on the "fertile" days leading up from the 5th to my alleged Ovulation day, feeling the twinges & pains of fertility & hopeful ovulation.. sex the 4th 5th 8th 10th.... Maybe more... Lol. And the tenth felt the things I've read about earlier in the week stronger on my right ovary side and later in the fertile week a slight twinges on my left ovary side. But! Since all of these are signs of pms & ovulation as well.. I guess we gotta wait til babies pop out! Hopefully a success. My daughter just ran in the bathroom and double pointed tapped my belly then gave it a tiny pillow.... Good luck to all!!
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My husband and I were seeing the recurring additive whatever numbers again as we did with our daughter. 666. 69... 333 11111 Our daughter was actually born 11/11 as well. And I had even told my friend at work "there's something about 11.. I mean obviously the month she's to be born in but something else.... Didn't even realize. The 11th ended up being the Friday she was born.. I believe it was a Friday. IDK.

I think that was a profile picture type thing I tried deleting it and uploading a different one... IDK if it'll show now or not lol that was 3 years ago when I had my daughter who turns 2 in November.

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