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28dpo, no AF, only a couple symptoms?

Hello! So the only time we DTD around my fertile window was 1/2 days before ovulation. I missed my period. 4 days after my expected period date, I had brown spotting. It turned a bit heavier for just about an hour, mostly pink/brown with some red in it (not even enough to soak a pad) and then I was back to spotting brown/pink periodically for a few days. Nothing since. I never got an actual menstrual flow. I'm now 28dpo today, 14 days late, CD43. I tested everyday since my missed period, thought I was getting vvvf lines but I think they were BFNs. I stopped testing for a few days & tested this AM. Perhaps there was a shadow of a line but I'm calling BFN. Only symptoms I've had are slight cramping feeling & feeling "sore" in my stomach like I've done sit ups but havent. I tasted metal 2 times but it could've been because I had a nasty cold last week. My nipples get a bit sensitive sometimes. And last night I got a wave of nausea that lasted an hour or so. Anybody else be this late? What ended up happening? BFP? BFN? Anything helps. Thank you!! x
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Hey! Any news yet? Sorry I didn't get back to your reply on my post a few weeks ago. I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. However, it did at least get my BF and I talking about what we want and where to go from here. I think we are going to start trying! Before it was more of if it happens it happens but we weren't actually trying for it (he was not ejaculating inside). He supported how I was feeling and essentially said it was up to me and my timeline, since I'm in school again. SO, despite the stress of all that has lapsed I think it's working out for me in a better way than I thought it would. We've already missed our chance this cycle but I'm going to put some more serious thought into us trying next month. Anyways! Enough about me, I didn't mean to word vomit on your post! Wasn't sure how else to message you back! Hopefully you see this and have more answers to what's happening for you?!

I don't even know what to tell you know. Since many people are telling you no. I felt like you were pregnant. But with the answers I am afraid to even give you my thought on that. During the first week of pregnancy, morning basal body temperature your body temperature when you are completely at rest. Although there are few physical changes at this point, you may be noticing internal changes. Digestive issues like gas, constipation and nausea may be cropping up. You also may be noticing more fatigue than usual, and mood swings with the changing hormones. Tender breasts and morning sickness may also begin during the first week, though most women won't notice those changes until after the second week of pregnancy.

@biscuit: Hi! Ah I'm so glad to hear you're alright, and happy for you that youre gonna start TTC! When is your next expected O date? :) I've not got any answers! Took a test about a week ago and it was BFN. Dont plan on testing again haha. Just gonna wait to see if I get AF this month x @noreenn Thank you for commenting :) I have had a bit of gas, heartburn, have been very tired (but I get up at 5 every day and work at a school so maubs that's why lol) Also just the past couple days been so moody. Keep thinking AF will come but no sign. So confused xx

@An7756 Hi! I'm wondering if the light spotting you had was your period? I've had that happen to me before, where it was just extremely light and I wasn't pregnant. Well I hope you find out this time around! Lol I might actually have a chance this cycle but it was not planned! And that'd just be insane. We BD on 02/05 (wow I can actually call it that now!) The night we talked about actually trying. And I guess I was lined up to ovulate on 02/08. Is that too early? I know sperm can last 5-7 days max. I didn't even realize it was ovulation week until after the fact lol. I'm just going off my calendar on my period app. So I don't know what day I actually did ovulate. My nest ovulation date is 03/11. So I guess if nothing comes up this cycle ,next cycle we will try. I've never tested for ovulation or anything like that so I'm clueless! I just use my app normally and I can also feel Ovulation pain, so I know the general timeline is correct for when I ovulate. Not sure if I'll actually track it in another way besides that or just see what happens!

@biscuit Doesn't seem too late! I heard sperm can live anywhere up to 7 days, but 3 days is the average so I think you're covered:) Ah yeah OV pain is a good sign. Have you ever temp'd before? I heard a lot of ladies say that's the only sure way to tell. But idk! I hope you've caught the egg this time around!! I'm wondering if it was a super light period as well? It was just so bizarre! Never had one like that before in my life! Guess I'll wait to see if AF shows at all this month!

@an7756 All exciting things! Hmmm well after last month I'm extremely cautious to even consider the possibility of conception this month. It's nerve-wracking! When is your AF due? I'm so curious for you as well! My symptoms are somewhat normal so far, however I'm cautious to consider anything out of the normal. However I have been having some cramping the last few days I'm assuming from ovulating but who knows. Cervix and slight pain in the ovaries.I honestly like it said i just feel really cautious this month and don't want to get my hopes up. And it was totally not planned we BD before ovulation just a happy coincidenc. That may have worked in the perfectl way possible. We shall see! Ugh I'm cracking myself up that I may be in the two-week wait again!

@BiscuitLover Mine is due on the 26th! Yours? Awww! I'm glad you're feeling optimistic about it though!! Yeah you may have had a happy suprise happen ;) Well I definitely hope you get the answer You're looking for this month around. Baby dust you you!!!

@an7756 we shall see! I'm due the 23rd. Countdown for us both! I don't feel any symptoms for anything at all so I don't know. Keep me updated! Thank you for the babydust! We will keep trying ha ha ! So exciting! I hope you get the answers you're looking for too

Breast are sore today and that's it. But that's totally normal before my period. Usually I get that about a week before. So a little late this time but I very well might have a late period. Also as I said before I had sharp pain and cramps in cervix and ovaries last week, on and off over a few days. But I think those are all my normal PMS symptoms. I just want AF to hurry up so we can try next month! Ha ha

@BuscuitLover Ah yes let the countdown begin! Although I'm just expecting AF at any minute since I skipped last month. Not gonna count the spotting as AF though bc I real that it has to soak up a pad and mine never did. It got slightly heavy for an hour but after that didn't even show on a liner. Ah heavy breasts and lower cramping/twinges are good signs! But yeah, I would keep track of them so you know what is normal for you during your cycle!! Hopefully they mean something other than PMS but if not yes I hope next cycle comes quick for you!:)

@an7757 thank you! Likewise! Same symptoms today, slight cramps and sore breasts. Funny that my breasts took so long to get sore but my cramps feel like my period will be coming. But who knows. If not I'm prepared to actually try and plan next month :-)

@BiscuitLover Who knows? Cramping can also be a good sign :) But yes, only time will tell haha. Are you going to test before your period is due or just wait it out? x

@an7756 period was due today, I had the dates off! No period. Still super light cramping but no period. So I guess if it doesn't happen before I fall asleep it's late? Hmmmmm. I will wait until tomorrow ends. And then test if it doesn't come. According to my calendar I was due today though (22nd).

@an7756 still no period for me. It was due on Thursday! I think I will test tomorrow if it doesn't come tonight. Any news on your end?

@BiscuitLover Ah really? Did it end up coming overnight? Hopefully not! If you take a test keep me updated!! How are you feeling, symptom wise? I think my AF is due tomorrow, that'd be 14 or 15 days from when I O'd. Nothing yet!

@an7756 period came! Now I'm in twoweekwait again. However we ended up not trying at all this month. Only pull out. So the 10th and 18th of last month we're the last"trying days". Plenty of sex around ovulation this month though. We are still working on what we want to do and our agreed timeline on trying. Anyways! I'm not suspecting much or anything this month. However I did have pink spotting today only when I wiped and my "bellybutton" hurts? So weird! Cramps all day. AF due 03/27 and I ovulated sometime between 03/10-03/13 What's new with you, any news?

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