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4 days late

I am 37 years old, hubby and I have been trying for many years. we did get pregnant exactly 2 years ago, but sadly ended in miscarriage. My OB suggested I lose weight for health pregnancy and I got bariatric surgery. I have lost 100 pounds. my period was supposed to be here on Friday. so now its 4 days late. I have been cramping since last Thursday and I keep getting the wet feeling (TMI) so I think ok this is it, I have started. I run to the bathroom and NOTHING. Hubby told me to wait to test until Friday and exactly 1 week late. but I am addicted to POAS and tried an ovulation test cause I had heard that they will show positive when pregnant. I tried this last night and it said negative. this wait is killing me!!!!

Am I Pregnant?


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