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4 days late, Neg at 10 DPO, haven't tested since

I've had a regular 29-day cycle for the last year I've been closely tracking. Last cycle was super weird though and only 24 days, and also very light. This cycle I am on day 33 and I haven't gotten my usual sore breasts I get pre-AF, but I've had pre-AF cramps for going on 4 days now and I usually only get them a day or 2 before the bleeding starts. I've been really gassy, have diarrhea the last 3 days, a bit of insomnia for a couple days now, and the AF cramps...other than that I don't have symptoms, but I've never had a cycle this long! I tested 8 days ago at 10 DPO and thought I saw a faint line, my friend said she could see it too, but I decided to wait until I missed AF. Now that I've missed AF, I feel like she might still come because of the light cramping (it does come and go, but I hate getting my hopes up)...sometimes I'm not sure if the cramps are PMS or gas related. I just don't know what to think because last cycle was so weird and short and now this cycle is long...The cramps are the only thing that really makes me think that I probably am not pregnant. What do you ladies think/ did anyone experience cramping in early pregnancy like this? The cramps have been from 15DPO-18DPO (today), I should've started AF 14DPO. I just met with my Dr about fertility (this is my 16th cycle ttc and I'm 23yo and usually very regular) and am supposed to call to schedule my HSG when AF starts, but so far nothing is happening. I'm scared to test and see a negative for the 100th time. Do you ladies think I should go out and buy a test or wait it out and see if AF comes with the cramps?
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I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same boat but at 10 DPO and I have so many symptoms (Check my blog post), I feel so scared to test so I am going to wait a few days as I cannot bare to see my 100th BFN. I feel so pregnant but I have my usual AF Cramping, the only thing is this started around 5DPO and it usually starts around 2 days before AF. If not for this cramping I would be 100% certain that I am pregnant. I really hope we are both preggers! This is our 18th cycle TTC naturally, we have said we will wait till December and if nothing has happened by then they we will get medical involved. Poor DBF he told me he has a dream last night of me being pregnant. I hope its a premonition.

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