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4 dpo

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Check out my symptoms and tell me if you think I could be pregnant :) Thanks!

Ovulation day. EWCM. Not sure if we caught the egg or not because we BD'd the next afternoon. I wasn't using OPK. Pain on right side of cervix and right ovary during BD.

1 Dpo-2 Dpo. Extremely mild cramping. Stuffy nose and sneezing

2 Dpo (only). Very thirsty for water. Took a 5 hour nap, then slept for 13 hours at night. (also just came back from vacation)

3 Dpo. Woke up and was still extremely tired. Had phlegm in back of my throat. That NEVER happens. I also had a headache (i get headaches often). Mild right ovary pain. Fluctuates between right and left but mainly the right. Mild tingling pain in nipples. Mild mild pain on the entire side of my right breast and right nipple tingling pretty much constantly but mild. Left nipple not doing much of anything, tingling just a tad. Breast pain radiates to the back, again mildly. Gums on the left side of my mouth hurt in the morning.

4 dpo. Today. Same tingling and side pain in right breast. Still very mild. A little more tingling in the left.

What do you think?

Am I Pregnant?


could be but too early to tell for sure. but ive been having similar symptoms im 9dpo and waiting to test til monday. good luck!!

Thanks!! Keep me posted. Good luck. I can't believe I am having symptoms this early. Hoping for the best for both of us!

I'm 5 dpo & on first day I had heartburn from hades that made me feel soooo nauseous. I've also developed this feeling in my uterus where it just feel like something is there. Then I'm cramping like I'm on my period but clearly that is not for another 2 weeks. Plus I have increased discharge that also is not my period!!! And I've really needed naps for the last 2 days. It makes me nervous and impatient because I have these odd symptoms that I feel like shouldn't be here so early.

Blessings and baby dust to you both and let's stay posted on each other!!

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