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5 or 6 days missed period, but negative hpt? Am i pregnant or what?

October was the first month my husband and i decided to take the step ttc so we BD everynight for 2 weeks i ovulated october 28th-31th. So i was due for my period on november 14th but it never came now i have had lower back pain for 2 weeks and i have had AF cramps for almost 2 weeks on and off.. But i am 5 day late and have negative hpts??? what gives?  Keep in mind i have had regualr periods since i was 12 now im 24. Any ladies have this issue and still be pregnant??

Am I Pregnant?


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I took a pregnancy test when I was a week late and it was BFN!  It didnt come up BFP till I was 10 days late.  May have also been the test I was using.  I got the BFN on my Dollar store test and the positive (which was still very faint at 10 days late) was a test that they use in my OB office.  After finding out that I was pregnant all I kept saying to everyone was that I couldn't believe it because it felt exactly like I was a bout to get AF!  Good luck!  You never know!!!!!



so were you pregnant?

Hi ladies really could do with some advice, I'm 30 yrs old and have been trying to fall pregnant with our first child for about 6mnths now, I'm two weeks late for af and my symptoms are as follows
Incredible amount of EWCM (never had so much) and we made love twice during this time too
Slight headaches on and off
Face and back break out (never had spots on my back)
Nauseous morning and night
Hungry, feel like eating everything in sight
Frequent urination
Very vivid dreams
Breasts painful and swollen
Itchy rash ( similar to heat rash/ hives on my arms, lower back top of thighs

Sorry for putting down so much just trying to give as much as poss in order to get some answers and help others.
Have done a few tests over the last couple of weeks and got BFN, have been getting sore cramps low down in uterus and either side of ovaries like am going to get af but when I check there's nothing but a little bit of creamy CM. Could I still be pregnant and are there others out there experiencing this, I really want this to be a pregnancy soo bad, please help!xx

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