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Ok, so I would love to hear stories about people who had similar symptoms to me and were
pregnant, but also NOT pregnant because I don't want to get my hopes up too high. =[

Ovulated on the 11th, had sex with my husband that day but pulled out before he finished. Had
brief intercourse ending with him pulling out the next day.

1DPO - Very dizzy and lightheaded, felt like laying down and not moving, CM, dull cramps/aches
2DPO - Still dizzy and lightheaded, CM, dull cramps 3DPO - Barely any CM, more severe cramps,
pulling feeling. Very warm. Gassy.
4DPO - Possibly very slight cramps once in a while, thirsty, increased urination, very odd and vivid
dream of a friend being pregnant. Very warm. Gassy.
5DPO - Ate at midnight the night before, but still woke up STARVING! Never eat breakfast so this
was weird. Had bad heartburn, has continued ALL day. I've never had heartburn before. Dull cramps
once in a great while. Hungry. thirsty, increased urination. No CM. Very vivid sex dream (with some
other weird stuff mixed in). Warm and cold spells. Not as gassy but still some.

Last month thought I was prego and it turned out that my lovely period decided to be 2 1/2 weeks
late! Also happened to be one of the lucky few with a false positive. Was crushed when AF started,
don't know if I can take it again, so be honest with me. Is this in my head? What do you think?

Thanks! And baby dust to all! xoxo 

Am I Pregnant?


There is no such thing as a false positive. There are only false negatives. You probably had a chemical pregnancy or very early mc.

I'm 5dpo and had strong pulling and cramping in my uterus for last two days, very tired and moody and seem to pee more often. I have a toddler and lost a pregnancy last year. Symptoms always seem different each time. I hope we r successful after trying this week. I also used Maybe Vaby and today had full ferns again. This was a sign last time I was preg! Tested and had a bfn but I know it's too early ;)

I think you could be preggers , maybe it wasn't a false positive . You could be pregnant still , it is possible to be pregnant and still have periods . Best of luck keep us posted and baby dust sent your way ! ;)

How could you even think your pregnant if he pulled out both times... Delusional sounds more like it...

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