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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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So ladies hopefully I am pregnant.
My husband is in the Marines and we are hoping for another child real bad.
This month we had unprotected intercourse from the 6th till the 13th daily.
I was on my menstrual but it was very light and wasn't much of a period. It started the 7th till the 11th. So not long at all.
Which means we had sex for 2 days after my period stopped.

I guess that means that I ovulated on the 17th??

So i am assuming that I am 5 DPO.

I wouldn't be thinking I was pregnant if I wasn't having cramps.
These cramps are just like menstrual but not so heavy.
Not to mention I NEVER cramp at all. So that's what threw me off.
Then I had a bad head ache for about 2 days.
I noticed that when I was going to the bathroom I was having discharge kinda like milky looking when it hit the water! (GROSS I KNOW) then when I wipe its discharge still. (TMI I know SORRY)
I have been sleepy lately. It was like 3 days I was in a sleep coma and couldn't come out. Today hasn't been that bad i've had more energy.
My nipples were tingling and itchy. dont know about the itch part. LOL, but they were.
Like right now I am cramping lightly but its on the lower stomach right side. Thats mainly where its been the whole time.
One last thing....I have been getting random urges to poop. Like twice a day and for me thats weird. I honestly poop like once a week hahaha.
So question could I be pregnant....or does it sound like something else?

I tested today it said NO.
I just couldnt wait to test. Shouldnt have but I did.

Am I Pregnant?


Hey im having the same symptoms plus i had sex the day my period ended on the 13th. Then again the 15th. I have been peeing all day and had a light light pink spotting today. Did a test monday it was neg. Think it was to early

I am having some very similar symptoms as you but I have a different timeline. The first day of LMP was 8/6, ended 8/11. We DTD on 8/14. My phone app which I have been using for the last 7 months has me O on 8/17. Here are my symptoms.

8/20- Woke up with mild cramping lasted until 8/22. ( Very odd for me as I have terrible cramps with AF but never have noticed them during O or anytime before AF) But I am feeling pretty obsessive right now-- so perhaps that's why I am noticing.
8/22-- Feeling absolutely miserable-- depressed, angry, exhausted ( I am currently on night shift-- I am an RN-- and when I am overtired I can at times get quite cranky). Really craving Chinese food-- wayyy to early for cravings I Know....
8/22-8/23- Literally slept like 20/30 hours. Boobs slightest bit tender. Crazy vivid dreams-- I mean crazzzy. I tested -- I know its way to early for a + even If I was, got a BFN. Attempting to wait and test on 9/1 ( ha! we will see!). AF is due 9/2.

Our story-- I am 27y/o, Cycles range from 24-26 days. We dated for 9 years and got married 3 months ago-- Planning on waiting until next year but decided in a moment of weakness that we would try for one month and if it doesn't happen we will wait until next fall. Did not realize how much I wanted this until this TWW started. To all of those couples who have been doing this for months and years I am in awe of the patience and dedication! I wish best of luck, prayers, and baby dust to all!

Sharpy8, you should join the thread on the TTC board Hoping for Sept BFP!! whos with me!! We are all in the same boat as you!!

I don't think those are pregnancy symptoms because (1) the sperm couldn't live long enough until your O date, (2) You most likely O'd on Aug 21 and (3) any symptoms before 6-10 DPO are actually O symptoms from the high levels of progesterone in your body. Most women feel the symptoms 2 - 6 DPO, and they including cramping and a high level of CM. Pregnancy symptoms won't start hitting until 48 hours after implantation, which occurs 6-10 DPO. Try using an OPK next time so you know if your marine is home at the right time! GL.

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