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6 DPO, am I pregnant?!?!?

Hi, I'm 34, have 2 children & ttc :). I'm on 6dpo and I'm sure I'm pregnant. I'm very tuned in with my body. Ok here are my symptoms

1dpo tired, cramping, sore boobs ( ov symptoms )
2dpo same as 1dpo
3dpo headache, gassy, irritable, tired, loss of appetite, achy arms & legs. Breast & nipple tenderness, crampy.
4dpo again still tired verging on exhausted, sore boobs, map of England veins on my boobs! Cramping still, peeing so much. Headache, hot, vivid dreams! Waking earlier than usual in the morning. And still sore boobs. Hubby notices today my boobs look bigger!
5dpo same as 4dpo only more tired if poss!
6dpo all the same as 4 & 5 only boobs way bigger and darker areola and a lot bigger, cm on underwear, White & creamy, by evening seamed quite lotoiny.. Swollen wrists hands and ankles. Really achy feel like I'm Coming down with cold. Snuffly nose. Had a glass if wine, felt drunk after 1 glass!! ( very unusual!! Ha!) appetite on and off. Increased sense of smell, could smell hubby's feet from the other side of the room! (also not usual tbh ha!) rule that 1 out!

So all in all, I'm dropping to bits this month. But I hope above hopes it's all for a fantastic reason! This forum has been a lifeline for me. My hubby knows the abbreviations thanks to my addiction on here! I've sent him to the pub for a break :)). Please please please can some kind understanding lady give me hope that this month is the one for us :) good luck to you all and may you all get your wishes very soon xxx
Natalie, England.

Am I Pregnant?



Did something silly this morn. Tool
A predictor test and got a BFN. I know it's far too early, I've deffo got myself obsessed with poasing! Arghh it's just so tempting!!

Hi Natalie,

This is the first time I have posted on this site and im not quite used to all the abbreviations yet so apologies if my post seems a bit longwinded haha,

I saw your post and just had to write to you, my partner and i decided in may to try for our first baby, since the 5th July I have been experiencing almost all the symptoms you have mentioned.

It started with sore breast, even pulling on a top was quite painful, i also have a nagging pain in the bottom of my back, which is on and off, and mild pinching types of painl ike mild period cramps, i thought the same as you that i was just coming down with something, even went to the doctors as i am getting lightheaded when i stand up.

I have also noticed that i am gassy, and eating much more than normal, and the dreams....sooo vivid! (a symptom which my mother remembers from when she was pregnant with me.) My boobs dont look bigger, but they feel heavy and my nipples are hard, ive also  noticed i am warm all the time, which is unlike me as i normally feel the cold easily.  

I have also done a test, knowing it is too early and it was a BFN. This past ten days have been the longest ever, and i am changing from being certain that i must be pregnant to thinking that the symptoms are there because I want them to be, I will be trying not to test again, until after my period is due as it is so disheartening,

 I hope that you get your wish very soon,

Lorna xxx

Hi Natalie & Lorna,

Myself & the hubby have been TTC for nearly 4 years now I am 34. We have had every test done & we have unexplained infertility (the worst kind) & finally had our first round of IUI treatment this day last week & it is just so hard to wait until next week to test so I did one today & got a BFN which is no suprise at its too early.

I have had very sore boobs they feel much bigger & heavier & I am really bloated also have had some crazy dreams quite vivid.

I really dont want to get my hopes up as I have been so sure before that I might be but this time even more so because we had the IUI treatment. Its just a killer that the symptoms are so similar to my regular monthly symptoms.

Wouldnt it be wonderful if even one of the three of us got a positive this time next week! Best of luck to you both. By the way Lorna this is the first time I have posted on this site or any site so we are in the same boat as regards to the abbreviations and such like!

Fingers & toes are crossed for all of us!

Izzy xxx

Hi Lorna & Izzy, sorry i took a while messaging back, ive been too tired to even log in lol but wanted to give you both hope...i had 2 very faint positives this morning!! thye were just cheap ones i tihnk they were of 25miu or imu concentration, tried with a clear blue digital and got a bfn which i expected tbh as its still early, so testing again with my first morning urine! im still suffering most of the symptoms as before only just not as bad today,,,can be scarey as this is the only time we wish ill health on ourselves haha! as soon as the symptoms go away we fear thats it, it was allin our heads, this is natural for symptoms to fluctuate during early stages, my boobs are still big with large blue veins all the way down to my nipples. had a slight ear ache today, and a twinge in my tooth on the same side, legs still achey, back achey, wrists and hands slightly swollen, cervical mucus is quite dry at moment. got a few spors on by chest and lower arms which is odd for me, also 1 on my right cheek (same side as ear ache and tooth twinge).i believe it is alll connected. we arent going mad. lol. its wonderful to meet ladies who are in the same situation as each other, without this site i would go mad im sure, it helps to keep our hopes up during this long wait. i will be re posting again in the morning with my new result, i wish you both the best of luck and im certain we will all be posting BFP'S very very soon. things come in 3's ladies!!! please keep in touch and let me know your results. tonnes of golden baby dust do you both and to anyone else reading my post :) xxx

ps this is the first time ive posted too so we are all on the same hym sheet lol xxx

Hi Lorna, how are you doing? hope you are keeping positive and your period hasnt shown.. ive re posted to offer you some extra hope, just incase you dont see it ill re-cap in brief, well i took another test yesterday which would be 8 days past ovulation or around that day as not 100 percent sure wether i ovulated saturday 9th or sunday 10th. anyway i got a faint pink line!! so im trying not to get my hopes up too much, cant win really, we desperatly want the pink line but when we get it we still arent convinced!! lol. im taking another clear blue digital with my first morning urine and hpoing its a straight forward "pregnant"! ill keep you updated, best of luck. it all looks positively well for you thats for sure. BFPS on there way xxx good luck

Hi everyone,

I got a faint positive was first response as it's still two days before my period is due, I still can't believe it, trying not to get my hopes up until a doctor confirms it.

Izzy I know exactly what you mean about symptoms being the same as regular
monthly ones, I'm feeling exactly the same, although I have been sick the past three days, which was what led me to test today.
Natalie, excellent news on your positive test. And I know what you mean about being tired, around three o clock in the afternoon I am desperate for bed, haha.

It's so nice to be able to speak to other women in this situation, good luck for your retest tomorrow Natalie, and izzy it's all sounding good for you, let us know how your getting on,

Speak soon ladies, xxx

Hay Girls,

I am feeling your anxiety and exitment, I have been having much the same symptoms as most of you, Headachey, Menstral like cramps about a week before Period is actully due which I usualy get the day of peroid. I have a sore back, and pinching/pulling like sensation in lower and side of stoamch, very hungry and im pretty sure my boobs have gotten a bit heavier. I tested 2 days ago got a BFN but knew that it was to soon, Very tempted to test again.

Just wanted to say good luck to you all.

Hi Lorna and Natalie, I'm so happy for you both I really am, I have not tested again yet I am going to wait until my AF is due however the Bbs were extremely sore up until today and huge my hubby was thrilled! I have bad cramps since last night very similar to usual AF cramps so am not getting my hopes up to be honest. The thoughts of doing another test and getting a BFN terrifies me. I'm praying more than I have ever done in my life but if it's not my month then maybe next month will be you have to stay positive. I was always a bit sceptical about these sites but for some reason this one is really helping me through this month it's nice to know your not alone in the world!! Good luck ladies and keep me posted xxx

Hi izzy,

Got my fingers tightly crossed for you, I feel the same about this site, it had really helped me and stopped me feeling like I am imagining all the symptoms because I want them to be there.

Good luck with you next test, keep us posted


Just been reading thru all these posts! They keep me so sane during tww!
I am 25 ttc 2nd child and this is our 2nd month ttc. I'm only on dpo5 and
had a few symptoms so far, very sore bbs which looks lots bigger, cramping
like due af but not due for 9 days and I never get cramps till day of af. Feel
hungry then full straight after and got lots creamy cm ( it's never-ending lol! )
I'm desperate for this next week or so to pass to I can be put out of my misery!
So have any of u girls got your definate BFP? Id love to hear from u and it's so
reassuring to know other ladies are going thru the same thing and that I'm not
Love Rachael, England xx

I'm 5DO . I tested at four days past ovulation and it was negative which I knew it would be as it was too early, the last four days I have been having motion sickness feeling,headache cramping, hungry, hot and cold flashes. I haven't even been able to statighten my hair or even put laundry away. Feeling motion sickness is rough. I'm drying to take a test tomorrow which is only 7DPO.

Im 6 DPO and I have very sore bb and my areolas are darker than normal and my nipples are bigger and harder. I have non stop cramps since 1 DPO. Also on 1 DPO I woke up and I had white creamy lotion like cm all in my panties and soaked and like running 4 inches down my thighs, I have no idea what that was about. 5 DPO I had more white creamy lotion like cm that puddled under me when I was just cuddling with my hubby in bed. I am 23 years old with a 2 year old son, I wanna conceive another baby for a year and a half now (my hubby says were not financially ready yet, since he is working 32 hours a week and in college and I'm working part time as well) but I just miss being pregnant and that pregnant connection. My hubby did agree though that the first half of sex is with no condom but when he is near cm he puts a condom on to finish, so I think from the pre cm I have a slight chance. Oh and I forgot I keep having very vivid dreams. Some are scary, some are sexy, some are about being pg. I think on 15 DPO ill test unless I start my flow. I have 7 days till I get my flow, my fingers are crossed for a pos and I'm sure my hubby are crossed for a neg. Good luck ladies on them pos tests.

Thank you ladies so much! This site is awesome! On my other site they would tear you down for saying you were having symptoms before like 12 dpo. I think some people are more in tune with their bodies! I am 6 DPO and have been so tired! Went to bed at 7:30 last night! Sore bbs in the bottom/ sides of my breasts and having huge hot flashes and headaches! This is the only time where we wish sickness on ourselves! This morning I could have sworn I had a passing thought of nausea before breakfast! Im praying all you girls got your BFPs!!!!

Just want to thank you ladies for sharing. I'm 6 dpo & had some cramping last night, but ithink it was just from the chinese food I ate ;) My hubby & I have 2 kids & ttc for the last 3 months. It's hard not to get your hopes up butreading through these online forums helps...& sometimes just makes me want to be prego all the more! Anyways, this is my 1st time posting on one of these & it's because I agree w/ an above comment that this forum seems to be a much kinder bunch. Lots of encouragement & no tearing each other down. Love it! Praying for God's timing & blessing for us all!

Rachelle, Texas USA

So I have pcos and me and my husband have been trying to conceive naturally. we had unprotected sex Febuary 16th & I recently started spotting light pink & having mild cramps, my boobs also are a bit tender but nothing too noticeable, the Montgomery's tubricals and veins are alot more noticeable & I have been feeling very hot lately. I was just wondering If there is a chance that im pregnant even though I haven't had a period in about a year. Im experiencing some symptoms.

I tested negative this morning am at 6dpo. Symptoms include:
- mild and weird cramps that started at 3dpo.
- pinkish brown spotting at 5dpo
- cold/cough for the past three days that I can't seem to get over
- back pain, headaches
- stomach growls like crazy even after a meal
- my sense of smell is sensitive

I have no sorenesss in my breasts which I think is odd. Seems everyone who is bfp has it. Am I imagining my symptoms?

Got a BFN again. My breast are starting to get fuller and sore but I am 4 days from AF, so it's typical.

Pretty down today and knew I shouldn't have tested so soon. Am starting to think the cold was just a cold and back pains are because of my usual work out. :-(

4 days to go. This TWW is the absolute worse!!!!

Hello everyone,
I am Sheena 30 years old and this is my first time ttc. Well I already have a 12 and 11 year olds. Today I am 6dpo. Me and my husband bd three days on my fertile days a day before the O and the day of the O. Well today is my 6dpo and my symptoms are lower back pain, last two days I have had nausea and vomiting, strange food cravings, mood swings. Woke up one night in the middle of the night and something just say that I am pregnant. I get that 3pm sleepness as well. This Tww is really something, I have a feeling that I am pregnant, but then again I dont want to get my hopes up. It was strange though that certain foods i use to eat, like hot dogs I throw them backup and my sense of smell has highten and certain smells make me sick to my stomach. Well congratulations to everyone that has receieved a bfp and to those of us who is ttc. I pray that baby dust and the bfp is in the making for us. I never had these symptoms any other months before my af

How refreshing is this site,
I actually thought I was going insane.
I'm 6dpo & having crazy symptons.
Nausea, constant need to pee (I'm waking up in the night to go which is unusual) lower back pain which is driving me insane. Cramping in my left side. Keep getting a fuzzy head - cross between headache & dizziness!! Also vivid dreams.
Can't say my boobs have hurt but my OH did say they looked huge (with a big grin) Men........
Be great to hear how everyone gets on - this is the longest 2 week if my life!!! Arghhhhh
Love Gem xxx

First time that I have posted.

Ttc our first, after mc in dec 12

5/6dpo - have had sensitive nipples which does not usuall happen/ have had since 2dpo
Very creamy cm
Very vivid dreams - some about having a baby girl last night/ some very strange
What do you think? Am I in with a chance??

Hi everyone me and my fiance had sex all throughout my fertile window and im now 6dpo with a very sensitive hot scalp, going to the toilet alot (don't know whether that's just because im drinking abit of tea this morning!!), BBs are very tender and feel like my nipples are mildly sensitive, BBs are heavy and a full feeling, darker areolas and lots of little white bumps on areolas, full feeling in uterus and CM is starting to get really thick lotiony white but dosnt have a lot i keep having dreams of pregnancy and babies really feel pregnant but dont want to get my hopes up what do you guys think?

Hey ladies. Loved reading the posts. Sooo what's everyone's outcome? Who got bfp? Bfn? I am 6 dpo and usually boobs r sore - but No sore boobs this time! Was the same with my first pregnancy so I am trying to stay pos!

Hi everyone
Would love to hear if anyone got BFP's?

Hello I am 6 dpo. 2 days ago I started feeling achy cold/flu symptoms . My breasts are not sore. Af is due the 7/29 or 7/30. Want to test but its probably too early.

OMG!! Its great to read all these postings.. i am feeling a lot of the early symptoms that many of you have experienced..but at the same time i don't want to get my hopes up.. good to know im not the only one wanting to poas.. haven't bought any HPT and trying to wait at least til 12 dpo :) best of luck to everyone!!

feeling incredibly nausea to the point of nearly being sick. light headed. vivid dreams. mild cramping. lowe backache. fuller veiny boobs. bloated and farting (tmi) eating so so much more. nearly gaging at the smell of coffee. TTC for 2mths with our 2nd - anyone kow hw early i can test? tried today BFN :(

well i have seen ppl test as early at 9 dpo and get positives.. but i tried and honestly it was hard seeing BFN.. so in my opinion i would wait.. but completely up to you hun

Hi everyone! My name is J.K. and I am 27 years old and getting ready to celebrate my big 2 year wedding anniversary! lol. Welp, last April (2012), I decided to have my Mirena (IUD) removed and just see how things go. I have been overly stressed with nursing school and work, so I figured it was just stress related of why I wasn't getting pregers. To sum it all up, this past week was my last week at my job, as I am starting a new job. It was the first time in I don't know how long that I didn't feel stressed, so I felt like having some "fun" with the hubby last Tuesday night (exactly a week ago) and the thought of TTC didn't even cross my mind, although it was my main fertile day (I didn't realize this then).
Sorry to keep rambling, but I just want to share my entire story (LOL) since I have never been pregnant before. So - first thing last Wednesday morning (last day of ovulation) I get to work and am seriously gassy and keep having hiccups ALL DAY. To top it off, I am a smoker but kept gagging on every cig!!! Weird! That night I get home and the hubby, out of the blue says "Do you think we got pregnant last night?" hmmm. So, now onto what has happened since then:
1DPO: Gassy, tired, slight period cramps, anxious feeling
2DPO: Very sharp pains in left lower abdomen (like ovulation pain), still very gassy, and gagging on cigs (the thought is to now plan on quitting smoking because something is just not right)
3DPO: Gassy, no energy, horrible period-like cramps, very thick discharge (eeh), and sharp pains through vagina.
4DPO: sharp vaginal pains come and go, STARVING, having VERY vivid sexual dreams, and more thick discharge in panties and when wiping (yuck!)
5DPO (last night): very dull backache along with "period cramps"; vaginal pains more frequent; dizzy spells; still lots of discharge (no less); pulling/bubbly feeling in uterus, and vivid dreams continue. To the crazy part: enough was enough, so although knowing it is too soon to test, I just had to! I took a test at 8:30 last night and a faint + showed up!!!!! What? I took a pic and sent to friend - she said it was definitely a pink, faint positive. Hubby could even see it!!!
6DPO: No more positives today :( , but I have been nothing but EXHAUSTED and nauseous ALL DAY! hubby said my boobs look huge (they feel huge); period cramps and back pain come and go, but having many more dizzy spells. NEW: dull earache and headache this evening.
I'm sorry to write a life story, but this is driving me CRAZY! What do you think about the faint positive I got last night? Am I dreaming up all of this? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated because I have never felt this strange before....

I'm 6DPO today and I am freakin exhausted. Have zero energy and just wanna lay in bed. Can barely keep eyes open. The boobies are sore. Still gonna wait a few days till I start testing.


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