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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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6 DPO and going crazy!

Hello ladies! I think I may be preggo, even though I know it's really too early to tell. Here are my symptoms: 4dpo: positive opk test again 5dpo: positive opk test, strong cramps that feel like AF, excessive creamy discharge 6dpo: still positive opk(though not as datk as yesterday), excessive lotion-like discharge I am pretty consistent around when I ovulate, so I dont think I am now, but of course I could be. Thoughts? Anyone else with a bfp after late positive opks?

Am I Pregnant?


If you are pregnant and have ovulated late, then it would be to soon for implatation. I would wait until you have missed a period and then test.

Yeah I know, that's the gold standard. I think I didnt ovulate late, but almost a week ago and my opks are still positive. I'm just feeling impatient.

Update at 7dpo: cramps have subsided. Opks are still positive, boobs are slightly tender, throat is a bit scratchy, metallic taste in mouth

Now 9dpo and no symptoms whatsoever. Boo.

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