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6DP5DT IVF/ICSI - Going a bit crazy here! :(

So it has been three years trying to conceive with only one pregnancy which happened after my 2nd round IVF last August. Prior to that, we had been trying for about a year before we looked into what is going on. I was only 28 at the time and DH was 36 (now 30 and 38) with no other health concerns except I had terrible pain with my periods and a low AMH level for my age. In Nov 2015 I had laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis and we began trying naturally again for another 1.5 years before we started to look into IVF. May 2017 - 1st IVF we collected 8 eggs with 6 mature but NONE fertilised overnight and the scientists were at a loss, they said the sperm is good and healthy and the eggs are healthy but they couldn’t get into the shells of my eggs. Devastating. July 2017 - 2nd round IVF plus ICSI this time to avoid none fertilising. This time only 4 eggs, 3 mature and 2 thankfully fertilised. We then transferred one 3 day embryo and had successful conception which was only JUST detectable on 13DPO and clearer on 14DPO. I unfortunately then miscarriage 6 weeks and had to have a DC 7.5 weeks to remove sac. I then had 7 months off to get my mental health back on track and look after my body again to try get my egg quality back up and increase the numbers again. I started seeing a reproductive scientist and naturopath and went on a lot of herbs and vitamins and tried naturally for this period. By Jan this year with zero positive pregnancy tests and nothing really changing I decided IVF/ICSI was the only thing we really saw results with in this time so I booked in to begin again this month. Feb 2018 - 3rd round IVF/ICSI We got 6 eggs, 4 mature - 2 fertilised. Was sad we didn't have more after a lot of work in the time between cycles but was grateful we got this far again. They had booked me in for a 3 day transfer as I only had two eggs to work with but on the morning of transfer they called and said they are both looking so good and they would like to move transfer to day 5!! We were thrilled but very nervous knowing there was a possibility they would BOTH stop growing before the 5 days but we kept our hopes up. The day of transfer we didn’t know a thing about what was going on with the embryos until we arrived at the clinic and I was lying on the bed when they told us very excitedly that BOTH embryos had made it to PERFECT Hatching Blasts and that they were really beautiful quality and that all our hard work had paid off! We were both in tears as they put one in me and we now have one frozen too :) It is now 6 days past my 5 day transfer or DPO 11. The first few days I just KNEW it had worked but the last couple I’m not feeling so sure. My symptoms below so far: 5 DPO / 0dp5dt: Hatching blast transferred 12pm. No symptoms in day, very minor twinges in evening. Wee smells weird like when you eat asparagus. Gagging from smell of man at the chemist. Hot and general nausea late eve and around 11pm had niggling twinges which were enough for me to point out to DH. 6 DPO / 1dp5dt: Woke up to full feeling, loose bowels (sorry tmi) which relieved some pressure. Mild cramps then a few sharp twinges 1:30pm. A couple of sharp shooting pain from groin down left upper thigh 3pm. Cramping and niggling in afternoon and bloated 'full' feeling. Tired. Hot and cold. Feeling the need to move my bowels but unable to pass much. Mild lower back pain. 10:30pm went to bathroom an hour or so after crinone pessary and cm/cream had a pink tint to it on the toilet paper when I wiped? Implantation bleed?? 7 DPO / 2dp5dt: Wake up 6am, just feel pregnant. Similar 'full' feeling to first pregnancy. Passed loose bowel movement which helped reduce funny tummy slightly. Slight chesty cough starting but DH was feeling sick so perhaps unrelated. Went for an early walk and was more puffed and generally less energetic than usual. Appetite decreased. VERY very gassy (burping) after late breakfast and cannot have my tights pushing too hard on stomach. Feeling generally AF crampy but very mild all day. Dizzy spells in afternoon, light headed etc. Pulled out more pink tinted crinone. Mild lower back pain. General weird swallowing sick feeling similar to last time. Went for walk in am and got some groceries but exhausted by early afternoon. I'm so sure I'm pregnant by the evening after a day full of mild af cramps which I never get unless I'm actually bleeding! Crying randomly. Frequent urination. Random sharp cramp 8:30pm. 8 DPO / 3dp5dt: Crazy insomnia, 3:30am up and couldn't fall back asleep. Gassy, general light cramps and similar to yesterday's full feeling when waking but much milder. Mild sore throat and cough. Emotional, crying at everything. Out of breath when on walk and really fatigued and generally flat feeling. Underwire bra too tight on chest. Heart palpitations. Nauseous after soup lunch. Dizzy! Increased urination. Nap in afternoon. Soooo tired! Appetite decreased. Hot and cold spells. Pulled out more pink Crinone. Started getting diaphragm pain under ribs, kind of like cramps which lasted 15 or so minutes. Cramps came back after dinner and got so bad, like bad gas. Passing wind a lot! Had to leave a dinner because of the discomfort. 9 DPO / 4dp5dt: Dreamt I was pregnant, weird vivid dreams. Woke up early 4am. Dry scratchy throat and cough. Still feel a mild 'full' feeling tummy in the am. Mild nausea, gagging from smell of rubbish on morning walk. Dizzy spell on walk. Feeling tired. Mild headache starting after lunch. Appetite decreased. Feel like napping in afternoon. Babysitting nephew was exhausting. Weeing A LOT!!! Headache progresses to very bad migraine late afternoon/evening. Very very mild AF cramps coming in waves at night. 10 DPO / 5dp5dt: Negative HPT FRER - feeling really depressed and like this cycle didn't work. Vivid dreams, wake up to same shocking migraine, 2:30am - insomnia. Craving egg! (weird as I’m 5 years vegan!!) Sharp twinges 5:30am. Showered and pulled out white crinone with no discolouration. Appetite increased. Don't have that full feeling anymore, just the migraine and exhaustion. Took Mersyndol (Pharmacy said ok) to help migraine around 12:30pm and slept ok and off for 4-5 hours. Vivid dreams. Felt relief of migraine when waking up. Felt full and mild cramps in stomach again on a few occasions in afternoon/evening. Smelt weird wet dog scent when on couch (we don’t have a dog). 11 DPO / 6dp5dt: Stark white negative FRER HPT!! Super devastated. Slept until 5am - woke at 3 but was able to get back to sleep this time as I had another mersyndol last night to help me get through a full night sleep. Feel pretty normal except a bit dizzy. But last month had terrible vertigo on day of period so maybe not relevant. Felt nauseous after eating breakfast and taking vitamins - 8am. Mild sore throat and cough. Appetite increased. So that's it so far. I really am not sure what to think now because I feel like it should be showing by now but I also know that I have time. Just trying to keep my hopes up and not compare to the MANY other women who get positives by now. What do you all think? xxx

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