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7 days late but BFN, lots of symptoms, going mental!!

I'm now CD 38, we're TTC our 1st and A.F is 7 days late, not yet sue on my cycles as I came off BCP 6 weeks ago, had a 5 day withdrawal bleed few days after stopping it, so not a 'proper' AF but I started tracking from there to give an idea. BD all the way through my supposed fertile week. I'm off all alcohol, caffeine and I don't smoke so these are not responsible for any symptoms. Didn't really expect anything to happen on first cycle but I feel so so different and my current symptoms are: - Obviously the missed period - Had cramping lower right abdomen CD 13-16, possible ovulation, felt like pinching. - Cramping (more pinching) from CD 20 up til now (so it started around predicted implantation time), mostly lower right side (near ovary) but sometimes on left too. - Burning right hip joint pain which became stronger today, not severe but very noticeable. - Pains going up and down thigh last night, sort of burning. - Soon after the possible implantation symptoms i had a big drop in my appetite (this may have been an effect of coming off the pill), more recently my appetite is now bigger than what was normal before. - Increased urination. - Small occasional pin prick pains in both breasts, other than that they're not noticeably sore. - lower backache, was stronger in my right lower and mid back last night and today, and the pain moved around. Felt like kidney pain at first, but i don't seem to have an infection. - Fatigue - I can smell everything, not usual for me. - Clear EWCM which then became white milky CM in last 2 days (sorry tmi) or leukorrhea to use a technical term! - i'm extra thirsty. - Very dry skin on face and scalp - Hair getting oily more quickly than normal. - Slight nausea last 2 days, not been sick. - Signs of minor nosebleeds three mornings in the last week, i rarely have them normally. - Slow bowels if you know what I mean... - Achy joints, knee, shoulder, hips. - Quite bleedy gums one night this week, when normally they are fine. - Unusually vivid dreams lately, some good and some scary. - More migraines than normal CD 20-28, have calmed down a bit head still somewhat sore. - Some dizziness/lightheadedness which is not usual for me. Tests: 5 days before missed AF - BFN Day of missed AF - BFN 3 days late - BFN I can't get to the doctor for bloods until at least the week after next because they have no appointments. I'm reading lots of testimonies from ladies who have had their BFP 2 or even 3 weeks after AF late, and some of get positive on their bloods but negatives on HPT so would love your opinions while I continue the waiting game?? Thank you!! (and sorry for the long post)

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