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7 DPO Symptoms

BD O day, and a few thereafter
1dpo- not much
2dpo- very specific ovary pain on left
3dpo- same ovary pain. hope this doesn't affect my pregnancy
4dpo- hmm higher libido
5dpo- yes, very high libido, boobs start to hurt on sides, on and off, strange, never experienced this before if not pregnant. I have three children already - 5, 3 and almost a year. I stopped nursing my baby a month ago now and one of my boobs leaked milk - weird. though it was all dried up now.
6dpo- finally. low cramping at night. fulllll feeling in bloated abdomen. a little more windy than usual.
I am 7 dpo now - I have full dull cramps again...

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8DPO- very vivid dream last night, continued crampy all morningand full bloated feeling.

Hi, These all sound like very good signs of early pregnancy symptoms. I think this could be your bfp month! Just hang in there and in a few days maybe test around 10-12DPO (still early but you never know). Good luck, I'm sending baby dust your way and I hope this is your month!!! #TEAM2013

stuffy nose, sneezing- 9DPO-BFN, but upon tearing apart tes ( POASA)maybe a line? this morning i had FMU with FRER. SWEAR i see faintestof faint pinkish lines, about 5 mins after test. decide to wait an hour and let test "cure" and re-examine for conformatioon. no cramping last nigt or this morning, sore boobs still onand off.

10 dpo- boobs still hurt, feel hot, have stuffy nose past two days, woke up covered in SWEAT - nightsweats last night, so tired i feel asleep at 7.

This all sounds like you are going to get a BFP. WHen are you due for AF?

9-10 DPO-- boob defnately hurt on and off, new crop of pimples appearing on forehead, also DRY EYES today. thirsty last few ays, i wear contacts but they have never been dry like this! also made a sandwich with spinach, figs, balsamic vinegar, blue cheese and olive oil. yum? :)

i have been testin last few day-- othing yet. i havent gotten my period since i had been breastfeeding, but had a pos OPK on wed the 20. so, i figured i Oed on thurs or fri. so, i guess march 8th would be the start of my "period".
i have een such a staljer of this site, no other site can you access this much detail of small symptoms. i even looked up my posting two years ago when i got my BP in june 28th 2011. lol. similar symptoms.:)

ok, i just wiped and have a bit of brownish/red watery when i wipe, faded. I NEVER got this before with my other pregnancies ( that being 4 and 2 chemical) how long does it take implantion bleeding to make it out/? lol

10-11 DPO- bleeding continues throughout night and today. bright red, red toilet wtare when i wake. slight cramping. worried, research and fears slightly subside. implantation bleeding coule last for 3 days and be red. i read a few BFP stories where they had heavy bleeding for implantation.

believe i have my period. bleeding is heavy. sad. maybe the embryo tried to embed somewhere other than uterus, which can cause heavy implant bleeding, and would explain y symptoms, and why this is too early for my period. either way the pregnancy is not viable.... resigned myself that i am not prgnant buttry again next month. i do intent on testing again to confirm i was pregnant and this was not my period.

I'm 7 doo and I BD on O and few days before. About 2/3 doo greats are VERY sore and have been ever since. Very mild cramping, almost unnoticeable. I have been somewhat emotional lately and I broke my TWW and tested today and got a BFN :( I truly hope I'm pregnant. I don't think I can take another cycle resulting in no pregnancy as me periods are quite irregular...


Hello I'm 7dpo and have had cramping since ovulation but there not so bad today I've been really tired have to take naps after work when I usully stay up till midnight and sorry tmi wet feeling ;/ breast are sore and twitchy feeling be hide my belly button any advice hope it's my lucky month but can't help but to thinks its all in my head

Not really sure who I can get advice from so I decided to post here. I had a tubal reversal in August 2012, I currently have 3 children ages 9, 7 and 5 with my previous husband and Have been TTC with my husband now. These are the symptoms I have been having
2DPO- feeling really tired, lower abdominal pressure, very gassy slight cramping on lower right side and dull headaches
3DPO- woke up in middle of night to urinate twice (never happens), couldn't sleep, the smell of parmeasan cheese on the pizza we ate smelled disgusting even though we always put parmesan cheese on pizza. and constipated
4DPO- Still waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. constipated, lower cramping, dull headache, aching sensation in right breast (never have breast tenderness), feeling of twinges or flutters, irritable sleeping a lot
5DPO- couldn't sleep, vivid dreams, massive hot flashes, woke up in a mean sweat lol, urinating in the middle of the night, very irritable, noticeable twinges/cramps
6DPO-having very weird but vivid dreams, gassy, lower back pain, fluttery sensation on lower right side, tinging in right boob
7DPO- so far today I woke up with a mild headache again....Never have this many headaches, emotionable, irritable and ready to spaz out on DH. pressure/aches in lower abdomen.

Can someone please help! Never had these many symptoms last this long after ovulation

Ok I need advise.. Im totally obsessing over hoping im prego!! I have 4 kids but never paid attention to all the signs. But now that I am, its driving me nuts! What does this sound like?
1dpo- high libido
2dpo- high libido
3dpo- woke up with the most energy ever! then got extremely tired. Extreme unsatisfied hunger. Kept eating and eating and could not get full!
4dpo- Extreme unsatisfied hunger again, cramping (implantation?) watery cm, feels unusually wet "down there"
5dpo- cramping and craving chocolate and still pretty hungry, water cm, vivid dreams,feels unusually wet "down there"
6dpo- Hunger is not so bad, chocolate craving, feeling a little nauseous towards the end of the day, vivid dreams, watery cm, feels unusually wet "down there" bbs sore
7dpo- hard time sleeping, woke up in the middle of the night and peed and had a snack, vivid dreams, cm is drying up a bit, not as wet down there. bbs sore, a little nauseous all morning..
Sounds like pregnancy to me but I don't wanna get my hopes up. And it seems like I had implantation on 5dpo.

Hey ladies, am new here and must confess to symptom spotting, can't seem to help myself... DH and I have been TTC for 3 months now and I am really hoping this is our month. FC! Ok, so I am 7dpo and DH and I BD'd on 3 of my fertile days and on the big O and 2 days after. Last couple of days, i've just been feeling wet down there and constantly wanted to wipe (sorry about the Tmi) but the CM hasn't been too much, just the persistent yucky, wet feeling. Also, yesterday and today, i have had to drag myself out of bed, legs felt like lead and my eyes felt like i had 20 tonne weights attached to them. Had a dull headache throughout the day and a dull backache but no twinges, BBs were the same, felt slightly fuller though and heavy. Went for a walk in the evening and felt better while walking but as soon as i got home, i just had to sit down. Felt overwhelmingly tired. Oh and also have been crazy cranky and bi***y (pardon the french) and a lil weepy. These feel extremely like PMS symptoms to me, but I hope i am wrong (fc) Havent done an HPT yet, cos the last few times i jumped the gun and felt quite low when they were -ve, so this time trying to keep my obsessing to a minimum. Wish me love and luck ladies and the same with bucket loads of baby dust your way :)

I had my period on June 9th through 14th. Took Clomid on cycle day 5 (13th) through cycle day 9 (17th) and for the first time I see EWCM on the 23rd (cycle day 15). Today I'm 7 DPO and I have been experiencing symptoms that COULD be a sign of pregnancy also yesterday I took two HPT and there was a very very faint line that not even a camera could pick it up:

1DPO: Nothing

2DPO: Little pinch/twinge on one of my sides

3DPO: Sore nipples, nausea on and off at night, and a little bit of fatigue and lotion, creamy milky color CM

4DPO: Sore nipples, on and off nausea at night, mild fatigue, and lotion, creamy, milky color CM

5DPO: Sore nipples, semi-mild nausea at night, mild fatigue, more lotion creamy, milky CM

6DPO: Sore nipples, nausea getting a little moderate, moderate fatigue, even more lotion, creamy, milky color CM (sorry TMI) especially when I use the restroom

7DPO: Sore nipples and the side of my boobs hurt, nausea getting heavy through out the day, fatigue getting heavy, can't keep my eyes open around 2:30pm+, more lotion, creamy, milky color CM (TMI) especially when using the restroom, and feeling a little heavy

So what do you guys think, is there a possibility that I could be pregnant??? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Ladies out there
I had my period on August 1st to 4th. Today I'm 7 DPO and I have been experiencing symptoms but am not sure if I am preggo or not as most of the time after ovulation I have same feeling and my AF is always in time. I had BD 3 days before ovulation on 11 and I ovulated on 14 and my DH travelled so is only that day which was 11 had OPT in the a.m. was super dark means I was about to ovulate super EWCM so I had sex in the evening that day

1DPO: Nothing

2DPO: Little pinch/twinge on one of my sides

3DPO: Tingling, crapping, nausea

4DPO: Right B's pain on the side, cramping in my uterus, my legs feel very heavy, light headache which is only different sign in this month

5DPO:mild nausea at night, strong smelled urine when go to pee

6DPO: creamy, milky color CM, frequency urinate, headache and tired continued, very tired, at work feeling pain in my uterus for 15 minutes then disappeared, sleep very deeply, very strange vivid dreams which feels like real dancing a lot with co workers

7DPO: I am in 7 DPO today wake up very tired but real happy after vivid dreams last 9t, creamy CM, a bit of brownish in my pants but just a very small I don't know if is implantation spot!!!!! Can anyone of u Guys had this on 7DPO. Lets keeps our finger crossed as God command us to get into this world and fill it....... Lets us have faith as I believe in Knock and shall be open, as to ask u will be received and try to find God will give it to u.............. All the best dear mothers to be God is there looking for us lets us have faith and everyone will carry her own child when the time is right

Please let me know. Thanks.

I def feel dif this month but not sure. I have read soooo much stuff but am only new here just found what AF meant (huh Aunt Flo) who woulda thought!!!!! Feel like such a dork. I don't have sore boobs and Iv come to think its all down to them so decided not pregas this month. All this baby making or BD sorry :-) as its called is killin my mojo for norm love making.

Best of luck gals

Luv Pete xoxox

A warm bath helped a lot today with soar boobs and nips....

Hi ladies and mother 2 be I'm 7dpo and @ d 1dpo nothing
2dpo cramping in right ovary
3dpo back ach hot so bad
4dpo all my joint was driving me crazy
5dpo continue with joint pains and dry throat ever since 4dpo till 7dpo
6/7continue with dry throat and sneeze, mild headach early morng each tym I wake up never had this b4 is driving me nut with d dry throat I drank a lot of water Allah
May Allah help it result positive 2 all of us mother 2 be insha Allah

Me and my husband aren't TTC but we aren't trying to prevent. We always just say when the time is right it will happen and we will be really happy when it does :)

11/13 (night time) 4dpo : began feeling shooting type pain in left breast for about 10-15 minutes. I hadn't felt anything like it before and it didn't feel like the kind of breast pain I usually get before my period. (Plus I'm not due to start until 11/26)

11/14 5dpo: side of left breast feels tender (now more similar to the type of pain I usually get before my period but still only in the left breast and usually I feel tender in both breasts before my period) and the shooting pain has happened a few times through out the day but not as bad as the night before. This time the shooting pain would happen for like 3-5 seconds at a time for like 5 minutes then go away for awhile. I also had 2 or 3 short waves of nausea but didn't vomit.

11/15 6dpo: side of left breast still sore but right breast still isn't tender at all so I feel like it doesn't have anything to do with my period since they usually both hurt at the same time and I've never had the shooting pain. I again had 2 or 3 short waves of nausea through out the day but didn't vomit & I woke up at 3am to use the bathroom which I never do.

11/16 7dpo: side of left breast still sore with the occasional shooting pains. When I push on my right breast to try to compare I feel like I can ALMOST feel some tenderness but nothing that I would even notice if I wasn't pushing. Tonight I was also feeling around my nipple on my left breast and I sort of felt like I felt a tiny tiny bump almost right under some skin near the nipple. But it also seems like it could be a bigger one of those bumps called Montgomery glands. My nipples haven't really been particularly sensitive but I've noticed that they are sometimes erect and itchy which I never noticed before.

I'm not sure if I'm being super paranoid or what. I have never felt any shooting pains before and it's unusual for me to only have one tender breast. Has anyone else experienced this during early pregnancy or do you think it could be something bad? I have been pretty terrified ever since those shooting pains Wednesday night and have been obsessing ever since.

new on here if i am prego it will be my 4th
1dpo nothing
2dpo nothing
3dpo mild cramping in lower right side
4dpo up early 430am mild cramping on lower left side then lower right side with a little nausea took hpt test was bfn
5dpo mild cramping in the middle under my belly woke up early 430am hungry to the point i am shaking took hpt was bfn
6dpo mild cramping on both sides hungry sharp but controled pain on left side for a couple of hours woke 430am again
7dpo as i write i am up been up since 427am had mild cramping on right side hungry really want sunflower seeds
i am due for my af on the 23rd or 24th so i will wait too test on xmas =) hopefully i get a great xmas gift on that day
i also had a early mc on the 23rd of november so i am hoping for the best
i have been pregnant for 5 times 1st healthy boy 2nd healthy girl then mc at 4weeks then another mc at about 8weeks with d&c worst feeling ever then gave birth too a wonderful healthy boy so i know how too prepare myself for the worst now
best luck too all

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