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8 DPO and Going Stir Crazy

Trying my best to wait til 12 DPO but this is our second to last shot before the RE wants to intervene... so here's what I've got so far! I have 26 ish day cycles, and ovulate early. Based on my normal symptoms and temps I ovulated on CD11 (typical for me), we BD on CD7, CD9, CD11 (O day), and CD12. CD 12 1DPO still have EWCM, bright red spotting after BD, stops after this, backache, mild low cramps 2DPO bad headache, gas/bloating, slight pinching on left low abdomen 3DPO sight side twinging, another headache, huge gush of watery CM, dizzy spell PM, and so hot I can't sleep 4DPO twingy cramps left side, hot flash, pants feel much tighter than normal, lots of wet creamy CM 5DPO left side burning (only way to describe it) cramps,creamy yellow very stretchy CM, like EWCM but not clear, woke up STARVING, sides of boobs feel bruised when touched 6DPO boobs same as 5, woke up starving again, brown smear in CM (IB?) only once first thing in the morning,, mild cramping, snotty CM, fell asleep on the couch after work and was too tired to cook dinner like I do every night, itchy boobs 7DPO More mild left sided stretching/burning, hot flashes galore, bright yellow urine and more snotty and yellow CM, nipples sore to touch CD19 8DPO Everything same as day 7, boobs hurt a little more, and cramps have moved to more center of my abdomen but still left sided So what's the verdict? I feel different this month than I have before, but I'm also afraid to get my hopes up (again). Trying to hold out 4 more days to test. DH wants me to wait til post AF, but lets be honest, I can't wait that long.


Symptoms vary from woman to woman making a PCOS diagnoses difficult. Less than 50% of all women with PCOS are correctly diagnosed. According to a recent study, it can take more than two years to receive a diagnosis of PCOS. Many, but not all, women with PCOS experience weight gain or have a hard time losing weight. Other women may experience facial hair growth. Acne and lack of menstrual cycles due to elevated testosterone levels. Insulin resistance is another common side effect that many women with PCOS experience. Insulin is a hormone that allows our cells to use glucose (sugar) to produce energy. When insulin resistance occurs. Cells lose their ability to respond normally to insulin. The result is more and more insulin is produced. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes. If you are a woman dealing with PCOS. The good news is there is hope. While there is no cure for PCOS. Making a few lifestyle changes can help you manage the disease. It can also reduce your risk developing other health concerns such as diabetes and heart disease.

I can share my symptoms from day 8. CYCLE DAY 8. Woke with moderate cramps/pains in middle and right side. Cramps lasted all day and night. Very faint line on ovulation test. Mildly sensitive boobs. Fatigue (but didn’t sleep much the night before.) Increased watery CM. Bloating. Increased hunger and thirst. Weird metallic taste in mouth. Moderate tightening in stomach begins. Bad tightening/pulling pain/af-like pain and a little nausea. Gassy tummy. Agitated/Easily-annoyed. CYCLE DAY 9. CM increased a little more. Woke up with little cramps. Fatigue. Runny nose and can't stop sneezing. Extreme hunger.

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