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8 dpo so many symptoms

Cd 18/19 I ovulated and bd'd several times before and after

Dpo 1 stuffy nose dry cm
2-4dpo stuffy nose dry cm back ache some dizziness
-5dpo as above plus itchy left breast which then progressed to both.particularly round the nipples-almost a burning sensation. Very noticeable and never have this as a sign of AF.
6dpo tingling breasts again(this is not a symptom of AF for me but was a symptom on last pregnancy). Some darting pains on both sides of low abdomen in the pm. Back ache and hip aches. Big globof yellow/green cm but otherwise dry.
7 dpo was checking cp position and had small amount of blood mixed with cm. Tiny bit when I wiped later but none since. I had IB on last pregnancy around the same dpo so windering if it could be IB. BFN on blue dye test fmu. tingling itchy nipples, aches back and hips stuffy nose
8 dpo clear stretchy thicky cm and definitely increase. After lunch I now feel quite ill like I'm coming down with something, aches pains, chills but no fever(temp 37.3). Small but of nausea and feel tired. BFN on frer this evening. Splitting headache

AF about 6 days away. I'm demented checking my CP which is high Imin am and low in pm. My heart beat seems a bit elevated in the 80s but I know I'm still early to test

Am I Pregnant?


Got early AF. 1st time ever gave me a 26 day cycle

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