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8 months post partum and breastfeeding

So as you can gather from the title, I’m currently 8m pp and still breastfeeding. I can’t say exclusively because my son is on solids and we do an occasional formula bottle. I took an opk on 8/13 because for a couple of days prior I was having pretty consistent cramping and bloating and figured I was either ovulating or about to start af. I have not had a period since giving birth last December so I was not sure how the first af would go down. So the opk I took was a first response and to my surprise it looked positive! I also had the clear blue advanced digital tests left over from last year so I also used it and got the inconclusive response. I figured it was a fluke. Husband and I had sex that night, we’re not necessarily trying but not preventing. Tuesday morning the 14th I took another first response opk and it still looked positive-I was still cramping and having ewcm at this point. So Wednesday the 15th I decided to do another clear blue opk because they are about to expire anyway in November, well this one showed peak. We bd the next morning so this would be about 24 hours after I got peak. Last year we conceived my son with the help of clear blue opk. So the last day of cramping and bloating was Thursday, the last day we bd and day after peak opk. From 1-7dpo I had more cramping and bloating and a Little bit of nipple pain when breastfeeding, and have had ewcm since O. At 9dpo I had red streaked ewcm when I wiped once (I didn’t have IB with my first). I’m now 12dpo and normally have brown discharge before af at this point but nothing so far, I also have not really had pms other than mood swings... I know it’s rare to catch the first egg after giving birth but just want to know what you all think! I’ll post an update either way. Sorry if this is a little scattered.
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