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8 or 9DPO and so many symptoms!

Hi ladies, me and DH have been TTC #2 for 8 months. We have a beautiful 3yo boy, and I had a MMC last April. Since then, my cycles have been regular 28 days, with no symptoms until a week before AF. Normal AF symptoms are sore BBs, greed, and emotional outbursts (normally crying). So I'm 9DPO today, and here are my symptoms so far. If you could give me your opinion, I feel it would really help me to get through the excrutiating TWW. Thank you xxx

1DPO - Slight twinges in lower abdomen and some brown spotting. Assumed that this meant I had recently O'd. The last time I had spotting at this time was the month I conceived DS, so took this as a good sign of strong O.
2DPO - VERY sore nipples! I can't let DH anywhere near them and am very protective of them.
3DPO - Nipples still killing me. Tired and irritable, despite a decent night's sleep. Pain during sex that I attribute to gas/constipation.
4DPO - Nipples still really sore, I am putting this down to high progesterone, which I see as a good thing, as it might help the egg to implant if we caught it.
5DPO - Sore nipples, bad gas, irritable, snappy with poor DS and DH (mean mummy!), complete lack of energy and motivation.
6DPO - Nipples still a bit sore, but have started to ease off. Gas, irritable, low energy, sleeping very badly. Having to pee lots. For the first time ever, I can't stand the smell of the fish counter in the supermarket, but DH can't even smell it. I feel like I can smell EVERYTHING :/
7DPO - Nipples sensitive and tingly, not too sore. Frequent BM, about 3 a day when I normally need to go once a day, often less (TMI). Need to pee lots. Not feeling like my morning coffee, I go for tea instead even though I need the caffeine, as I'm tiiired! The leftover cooked chicken I try to eat for lunch makes me heave, and I have to throw it out because it tastes horrendous to me (even though there's nothing wrong with it).
8DPO - Nipples almost back to normal, this makes me a bit disappointed, as could this mean I'm out? Still gassy and frequent trips to bathroom for both #1. Start to realise today that I've had clear, creamy CM ever since I O'd. It now has a yellowish tinge to it (yuk). DH insists we take a family trip to the park and all the way there in the car, I have light cramping in my lower abdomen (dare I say my uterus?!) Feels like mild AF pains, but more centered on a specific part (the right). I'm slow-moving and sluggish all the way round the park. I comment to DH that the last week I've felt like I have a constant hangover (even though we're doing "Dry January", lol.
9DPO - Today Jan 8th - Tired, but not to the point of sleepiness, more like a "can't be bothered" exhaustion. Everything aches. DH is in work, DS at school, and I work from home, so tried to have my usual pre-AF binge of cheesy pasta, but it made me feel queasy. Constant "prodding" ache in RHS of uterus, "jab, jab, jab...", seems to coincide with my pulse, which BTW I can hear and feel all the time, so weird! Still smelling everything, like a bloodhound. AF is due in 6 days, on Sun Jan 15th. Took a test this morning, BFN. Realised after buying and taking the test that it's not an early response, DUH! I have 3 of those arriving in the mail tomorrow :) If I'm not preggo this month, this will be the worst trick yet that my body's played on me. I SS every month, but can normally tell myself they're AF symptoms, and not to get my hopes up... but this month................

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