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9 Days Late 5 Neg HPT 1 Neg Blood

I'm officially 9 days late, five HPT's and one blood test have all had a negative result. The only "symptoms" I have, be they associated to pregnancy or PMS, are daily headaches, increased body temp (typically I'm always chilly), mild cramping on and off, stuffy nose, metallic taste in my mouth and just started getting sore breasts yesterday. I have no other symptoms towards PMS or pregnancy and any or all of the above symptoms are not definitive because they could be PMS or pregnancy related. I've not recently started or stopped any medication, I have no medical conditions, no symptoms that would indicate a vaginal/urinary infection, I haven't been under any higher than usual stress levels, and I have never been late for a period except when I've been pregnant. I'm 30 years old, with two children, so this is really bugging me! Every pregnancy I've had, be it live birth or miscarriage, I have always had a positive HPT before or soon after my missed period. I've always been very intune with my body, so to have my body be so "out of whack" is really throwing me for a loop! I have had unprotected sex, the last time was two weeks ago today, but I'm always pretty aware of my body and have managed to not get pregnant for seven years without use of birth control on my part. The dr said I should re-test again in a week and if nothing shows up to fill a prescription for something that will force my body to have a period, to "reset" my cycle. Is there anything else that could be causing me to miss a period or have it be so delayed? How likely is it, given the negative urine and blood test (blood test was done at six days late), that I could be pregnant?

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