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9 DPO! Hoping for BFP

Hi Ladies! So this is my first month TTC! I was pregnant once 3 years ago and went into preterm labor and lost two twin girls at 20 weeks. I got my Mirena IUD removed on Sept. 7th and had what I think was ovulation 2-3 days later. Got my period on Sept. 23rd. I got 5 days of positive OPKs, Oct 7-11 (CD 15-19). The Fertility Friend app told me I ovulated on CD 15. Going off that... Starting the day before I O'd, I had really tender/sensitive bbs (I've never experienced this, even during my last pregnancy. I'm still experiencing this and it's getting worse (I think!). 1-3DPO- OPK +, cramping/O pain, tender breasts 2-3 DPO- OPK +, also bloated and increased appetite 4 DPO- OPK +, tender bbs, hungry, and eczema-like/flakey skin on my face (I have dry skin but this is in usual spots (eyelids/under eyes) 5 DPO- OPK+, this day was AWFUL!!! HORRIBLE Headache, diarrhea, slight nausea, slight dizziness (more like "tunnel vision"), tender bbs, eczema still there, and heat flashes. On this day, my BBT jumped .6 degrees (98.4)! Highest I've seen it (but I've only been temping this cycle so...) 6 DPO-cramps, backache, diarrhea, gassy, headache (better than the day before but still bad), irritable, tender bbs. Temp dropped .9 degrees (.1 degree below coverline) 7 DPO-fatigue, head ache, back ache, increase appetite, teder breasts. BBT spiked back up .8 degrees 8 DPO-backache, cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, headache, tender bbs, and im getting a rash (almost like heat rash but its cold so...?) behind my left leg. BBT .1 degree lower but still high 9 DPO- backache, cramps, decreased appetite/nausea, headache, dizziness (tunnel vision), frequent urination, tender bbs, and the rash is now on both legs! I have had creamy CM but today is the first day that I can see it on my undies. BBT basically same temp as yesterday. We BD'd 5 days before O, the day of O, and 4 days after. What do you think? I'm hoping for my BFP!

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