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9 DPO Symptoms

I am rather new at posting on anything like this so bear with me!

I am 9-10dpo (not entirely sure which) and I've been having increasingly crazy symptoms.

Here's the run down, let me know what you think.

1 DPO through 4 dpo-Nothing too abnormal other than really stubborn headaches and a vicious lower backache. Oh, and crazy dreams.

5 DPO-I was extremely hungry, ate everything, uncomfortably bloated and (here's when I started paying attention) I got tingling in one of my breasts. It was not subtle by any means. Felt like bursts of electricity going right to my nipple.

6 DPO-7 DPO nothing too out of the ordinary. Breasts still tingling, can't sleep at night, crazy dreams, some abdominal pressure, twinges. CP moves high, closed and soft at 7 dpo. Backache almost constantly. Mild, bleeding gums when I brushed teeth.

8 DPO- breasts are ON FIRE. Couldn't fall asleep. Woke up in the middle of the night several times, once to go to the bathroom. The second time, my breasts were hurting me so badly that I had to take my bra off. Restless sleep full of dreams.

9 DPO Woke up with extremely tender breasts. Short fits of nausea. Feel hungry but nothing tastes good. Waiting to test.

10 DPO (today) BBs still sore, sort of a burning feeling, especially sore near my armpits. I think my areolas are larger and maybe darker? Also, poking behind my belly button. Some cramping.

What really makes me wonder is the crazy breast tingling/pain. I NEVER get sore breasts, not ever before AF. I'm a B-cup, so my breasts were never really sore or heavy feeling before. I've never felt anything like this. Wondering if I might be! Thoughts?

Am I Pregnant?


Sounds promising, Tingling breasts is a sure sign for me! I only ever feel it when I am pregnant (which has been 5 times LOL) let me know how your test goes in a day or two....

I Have been feeling sore and achy too! I had two boys before this and it feels like mild let down before breast feeding. about a day ago in the late evening when  I was 7 dpo I had the strangest cramp ever! It started as af like and then it all went over to one localized area between my belly button and upper right thigh.  This time I'm testing at 12 to14 dpo. I want to test this time when I'm ripe and ready and know if witchy is gone first lol!

I'm in the same boat. I am 9dpo and I've had crazy symptoms. Nausea, Fatigue, Lower back ache, Massive sore boobs, the nipples are a little darker and the areola is larger but not darker, I have mild cramping like pressure in my abdomen, many foods or smells in general make me want to vomit, I've had weird dreams, and slight heartburn. I'm hoping it's a positive. The earliest I was told to test is October 25th, (tomorrow) which is also my birthday. That'd be the best birthday present ever!

Since my first day past ovulation I have had a strong, metallic taste in my mouth for 9 days straight. I have slight cramping and I am sleepy with vivid dreams.
My bf and I had sex the day before I ovulated on the 6th of June. Oh and I have creamy cm.
What do you gals think?

This tww is so overwhelming.
I ovulated on the 5th of november (unknowingly) I may have conceived..

-It started with very vivid dreams (2-5 dpo)
-Then i kept waking up around 6am, usually wake up at 9.
-6-9 dpo mild cramping, exhaustion
-Oh don't let me forget how thirsty i have veen, i mean no amount of water will quench my dry throat.

Anyways, this TWW is a killer, i planto test November 21st...hoping for BFP! God bless

1-4 dpo cramping and a little tired.
5-8 dpo cramping, sleepy a lot more, thirsty, bloated and extremely sore boobs

My boyfriend and I had sex the day of ovulation or the day before it, not entirely sure.
That was 9 days ago which puts my either 8 or 9 DPO.
In the beginning 1-4 DPO I was exhausted, slightly nauseous and a very light and dull like cramp.
Then 5-6 DPO I had a very high sex drive and hungry as well as a high sense of smell.
7-9 DPO just tired and hungry, creamy thick CM (tmi I know)
Wanting to test!

Hey does anyone no if you have sex day of ovulation can you stand a good chance of getting pregnant.
I have been having symptoms but will test in a few days
thank you

Hey girls =) I'm wondering if anybody knows the chances of getting pregnant on ovulation day? I'm 9 dpo today And honestly I didn't really notice anything until 6 dpo.
1-5 dpo~ nothing that I noticed
6dpo~ creamy cm, feeling wet down there, tired, really hungry!
7dpo~ still feeling wet, tired, woke up to AF like cramping (maybe implantation?), cramping on an off ,some hard to notice, bloating badly, really hungry! Tested- BFN..I was getting anxious haha =)
8dpo~ twingy feelings in abdomen areas an uterus area, slight cramping, not as tired, not as hungry, smelling weird things like pickled eggs, an vinegar. An my husband didn't smell nothing, plus he vomits if he smells vinegar. An we don't own vinegar in the house bc of it lol.
9dpo~ around 1 o'clock this morning I woke up an had felt burning an tingling feeling on my left breast nipple (sorry if tmi), then 15 min later I'd say it calmed down a bit an felt a sore feeling in my left breast an when I would touch my nipple it would burn even worse. Hurt so bad! Went back to bed woke up at 5 (hubby has to work lol) an having some light cramping now lol.
Tell me what yall think =) I hope you girls get your BFP's soon=)

And I have had frequent urination sense 7 dpo=)

8 dpo now!

4 dpo- acne like never before

5 dpo- acne, CM, lower back pain and weird cramps in lower abdomin and on left side.

6 dpo- same back pain and AF like cramps, diarrhea 

7 dpo-same back pain and weird cramping! What is going on. A little queaziness

8 dpo- same cramping, was up last night and morning with headache couldnt sleep, slight back pain, slightest queaziness

9 dpo- back soreness, again same weird cramps (bubbly, twingey mostly on left side of uterus and a little to the left of belly button) gassy

I am going crazy waiting does anyone think this sounds like I could be prego?!?

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