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9dpo and different from my other 2 pregnancies

Oh boy... as an avid tracker of my cycles and physical symptoms and having had two babies before from charting, I know that I am 9dpo and that on the day I ovulated there was a BC malfunction, so this TWW is very agonizing for me! But worse, if I am pregnant, which at times I do feel pregnant, this pregnancy has symptoms very different from my previous pregnancies. Past pregnancies: I felt breast tenderness and cramping around 12-14dpo with my first. BFP on 14 dpo. With my second, at around 3dpo I felt a pinching cramp, it was very sudden and intense and I just felt off from that point until 12dpo, when my breasts became a bit tender. BFP on 13dpo. With both pregnancies I remembered a very distinct achiness in my breasts. No nausea with either pregnancy. This cycle it's the following: 3dpo: Exhaustion. Occasional cramping. Feeling a touch off, like life is moving slow motion. 5dpo: the cramping strikes me as strange. Google "cramping at 5dpo" and Google says I should be concerned I may be pregnant because cramping at this time can be signs of pregnancy. Beginnings of nausea but at this time I think the nausea may be from nasal drainage due to a cold and stuffed nose I got from my kids that manifested yesterday. 6dpo: Really bad stabbing pains in my cervix, about 5 times this day it felt sharp and distinctly my cervix. Still intermittent cramping. Uterine cramping and fatigue ramp up noticeably today. Cold starts to subside but nausea still present. Yellow CM, which is new to me as mine is usually white. Not knowing if I am just having psychosomatic pain but my cervix never feels like this unless being poked for a pelvic exam. 7dpo: more fatigue, some more cramping but it eases a bit, no cervix stabbing. Cold symptoms ease a lot. 8dpo: I feel so much better! Fatigued a bit, but I can go and do things with my family and not just lay on the couch! Evening, I lay down and cant sleep, cramping and my uterus just feels heavy. A bit nauseous in the morning but it was manageable. 9dpo: cold completely gone but sinuses are still stuffy, two very big waves of nausea today. Nothing seems appetizing, drinking tea with milk is the only thing settling my stomach. Only twice did I feel cramping but really busy day today. I'm just confused because my first two pregnancies were identical and, if I am pregnant, this is a very different experience from those ones!

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