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9dpo stabbing pains and hip pain 26 day cycle

So my partner and I are trying to conceive ...about 2 days after ovulation I started having symptoms: 2-4 dpo: sore throat, swollen gums, twinges in stomach and hips, headache, back ache, dizziness. Also had a lot of creamy lotiony cm. 5-8 dpo: this is where it got intense. I started having stabbing pains on my right side. The worst of it was on 5dpo sometimes they are so intense I double over. Headache is gone and dizziness but still have a back ache which increased and no matter what I do I can’t get relief. Still have discharge though not as much as before and once it was a little brown. I am also very bloated. Breasts are tender which is not typical for me before af but it has happened on occasion. The most concerning symptom is pain in the soles of my feet (what is that?) I decided to test in the afternoon on an internet cheapie and got a bfn. Our plan was to test on my partner’s birthday when I will be 10dpo now I don’t know if I’m still in or should I save myself the stress and test when af should come. What do you think?
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Did anyone have these symptoms? Especially the feet one?

I’m in tww, and soles of my feet hurt Saturday? So maybe ?

I will keep you updated ...symptoms have lessened except for the twinges and my stomach is sore and my hips hurt and I am so tired. Not testing until 1 day past af though bec I can’t handle the stress. Will let you know what it says

Came back to update. AF came so I did not get pregnant

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