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9dpo symptoms...could it be??

I had my first iui done 9 days ago (no trigger or meds of any kind) and I’m assuming, based on my tracking and my opks that I am either 8 or 9dpo. Is it too early to have symptoms? I had some very light pink spotting on 5dpo. I also noticed cramping on this day and severe nausea. I’ve had cramps through most of the week, though lately they’ve come mainly in the evening. They don’t feel like my typical AF cramping as they are less severe and are sometimes on one side. I’ve also noticed that I have a TON of cm constantly. I’m not due for AF for approx. 8-9 more days and I don’t typically have any symptoms at all until about 1-2 days before AF and sometimes not even then. Today (9dpo) I noticed a sharp pain in one of my bbs. It felt like a stabbing pain. I’ve never felt that before and when I got into the shower I noticed that my areolas seem larger (i could be wrong about this, but my SO pointed it out to me as well). When I brought these symptoms up to my mom, I was told that it’s impossible that I’d be having symptoms this early and I’m just wishfully thinking. Is it possible that these are signs already? I took a test today and didn’t even have a faint positive :(

Am I Pregnant?


The only small symptom I have had is insomnia ever since I got my BFP. I have read that this is a symptom of pregnancy and continues throughout. Now this is a symptom I am NOT relishing I have been walking round like a zombie for the past few days! I think I sleep on average 4 hours a night it’s harder the further you get along because it gets harder to find a nice position to sleep in with your big bump! Even rolling from one side to the other takes tons of effort. The insomnia will also get joint by the lovely 'head pushing on bladder making you get up 5 times in the night to wee'. The joys of being 30+ weeks pregnant. I’m only just at 36 and if I go overdue it could be another 6 weeks I don’t know how much more my body will take lol! Just don’t stress everyone is different I never found out I was pregnant until 14 weeks and that was because I had no symptoms at all! All I had was a gut instinct as I was still taking the pill. I am now 36 weeks with tones of late pregnancy aches and pains enjoy the no symptoms while it lasts!!

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